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When Beldon Roofing launched in 1946, our business soared because of excellent work and word-of-mouth praise. Neighbors told neighbors and friends told family members not only about our expertise, but about our commitment to superior customer service.
Here at Beldon, we have a mantra: Do it right the first time
do it right the first time—shapes our decisions, as we strive to exceed your expectations and nurture the strong relationships with our customers and community that have defined our business for decades.

We’re one of only a handful of roofing companies with a full-time, in-house customer service department. We call that customer care staff TEAMRoof. TEAMRoof follows three guiding principles: 

  • - Deliver excellence. We spend countless hours and resources researching the products we offer, honing our expertise, and developing the best staff in the business.
  • - Stay in it for the long haul. When the job is finished, we don’t disappear. We stand behind every project and will do all that we can to ensure you’re happy, safe, and dry for the long-term.
  • - Offer red-carpet respect. We place a red carpet outside the entry of the home or business where we’re working to help protect the area. It’s also a symbol of the respect we have for your building and you. We believe your time, schedule, living or work space, and hard-earned dollars are valuable. 

"Personal service from a trustworthy group of really nice people."
-Sister Catherine, Residential Customer

"Great service, performance and most importantly follow up and customer concern."
-L.H.McCoy, Residential Customer

We understand that when you recommend us to a friend or family member, it’s like putting your own name behind what we do. We never take that for granted. 

"(Beldon is) always responsive, caring and offers excellent advice and recommendations.  A company to trust."
- Don Harrell, Harrell Properties, Commercial Customer

"Unequal in service and performance.  Warranty not only a piece of paper."

-Bob Jorrie, Veritas Properties, Commercial Customer

After so many years of business, we’ve found that clearly outlined protocols help result in blue-ribbon finishes.

A few things that make the job process easier on you:

  1. We assign a project manager to each job, and he or she will keep a watchful eye on your site’s progress.
  2. We have an in-house service department, who are always ready to answer your questions and solve problems quickly and professionally.
  3. We also provide all customers with a written contract that includes a specific scope for your job, helping to establish clear expectations and goals.

 A big part of refining our processes is your feedback. We apply a three-tier quality assurance program to every job, designed to keep communication lines wide open:

  1. Job check: One of our experienced project managers checks on the job. You’ll talk about progress, staying on budget, wrap-up details, and your overall satisfaction.
  2. Completion certificate: Once the job is finished, you’ll receive a completion certificate and a phone call from your assigned sales representative.
  3. Comment card: We ask you to fill out the comment card you receive with your final invoice. Your comments—both concerns and compliments—are invaluable to us.
    Delays, caused by weather or other unwelcome surprises, are frustrating. Problems arise. No matter what happens, we’re committed to making it right and standing by our work.
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