Rebuilding Sutherland Springs

Sutherland Church Memorial with Chairs and Flowers
The nation’s hearts continue to be with the families of Sutherland Springs. Whether it be a Town Hall, Church, or Friday Night Football Game, a community sanctuary is a sacred place. To hear that the integrity of any sanctuary has been broken is disheartening. For Beldon, integrity is a family business, so helping this community was never a second thought. In the San Antonio culture,...

Is There a Difference Between Residential and Commercial Gutters?

Commercial and residential gutters operate essentially the same way – water flows off the roof into the gutter trough, then into the downspouts where it is channeled away from the building. However there are a couple of differences that can be found between commercial and residential gutters. One of the key differences between residential and commercial gutters is that commercial buildings are subject to different...

What Color are Leaf Guard Gutters?

Gutters with leaf guards are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners thanks to their impressive design that prevents debris from entering the system and causing clogs. And, in addition to the fact that with these gutter systems ensure you will never have to clean your gutters again, leaf guard systems will also boost the curb appeal of your home. That’s because instead of being affixed to...

How Does a Downspout Work?

Gutter systems generally consist of two major components: the gutter troughs and downspouts. Rainwater and snowmelt flow off the roof into the gutter trough at the edge of the roof, and then pour into the downspout. The downspouts, as the name would suggest, direct the water down and away from the home. The main purpose of a downspout is to channel the water away from...

Do gutter companies install rain barrels?

There are many benefits to having a rain barrel installed. Homeowners are able to have a supply of water that can be used for watering their lawns, garden plants, and even for washing their cars, without having to use municipal water for these purposes. Plus, by harvesting rain water, it prevents this water from washing down the storm drain and into bodies of water, where...
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