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Avoid These 3 Things For Your Commercial Flat Roof

The Creekside Automotive commercial building in Rowlett, TX, lost its roof in July 2016, when storms kicked up strong wind gusts. Fortunately no injuries resulted, but the peeled away roof reminds us that commercial flat roofing is no place for amateurs. Had the building owner or facilities manager been on the roof to “just check the drains” when the storm hit, for instance, far worse results... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 12/27/2016

How LeafGuard Gutters Protect Your Home

A well-functioning gutter system is vital to protect your home from costly damage and to preserve its structural integrity and value. If you have open gutters, keeping them clear of falling debris like dead leaves, twigs and pine needles can be a costly and a dangerous task. You either have the repeated expense of paying a handyman to clear out the gutters, or risk your own safety by climbing a ladder... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 12/22/2016

5 Things About Your Commercial Roof You Must Know

Commercial property managers and facilities managers throughout the country need to be aware of five basic facts about their building’s commercial roof. Knowing these fundamentals can make decision-making easier when you have to choose between repair, re-cover or replacement. For commercial roofing, San Antonio managers have a sixth concern (heat) that adds to the complexity of the decision.  1.... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 12/19/2016

How to Choose the Best Gutter Colors

LeafGuard gutters are designed for superb functionality, they're available in an array of colors. All colors have a durable ScratchGuard finish that's backed by a limited lifetime damage warranty. If you're having trouble deciding which of our beautiful LeafGuard gutter colors to choose, consider these factors: - Do you want your gutters to blend in or make a striking contrast? Many homeowners prefer... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 12/15/2016

Sure Signs It's Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof

We at Beldon Roofing make our bread and butter from commercial and residential roof replacement. We have come to learn, over our many years in business, the tell-tale signs that say the time is right for a business to invest in a new commercial roof.  Safety First Though many indicators require up-close inspection to reveal themselves, we want to caution against needless trips out onto... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 12/13/2016

3 of Your Top Home Improvement Challenges Solved

A 2015 survey by Houzz & Home provides insight into the challenges faced by homeowners who are planning home improvement projects. According to the survey, the top three concerns are choosing the right service provider, finding the best products and materials, and staying on budget. Here's how you can address these challenges head on: Finding the Right Service Provider This is the leading concern,... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 12/8/2016

Best Qualities to Look For In a Roofing Professional

You likely already understand the importance of hiring a well-established and properly-insured professional roofer when you need work done on the roof of your commercial building. In addition to these and other basic traits like experience with your particular type of roof, certifications from your material manufacturer, and positive reviews and references, there are some additional qualities that... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 12/5/2016

Good, Better, Best of House Gutters

If you are comparing gutter systems, it's important to consider all of your options in choosing a system that can fully protect your home from damage. Here's a look at the good, better and best of available house gutters to help make your decision easier. Good: Sectional Gutters Basic half-round or K-style sectional gutters are the type found in most big-box home improvement stores. Just as the name... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 12/1/2016

How to Evaluate Your Commercial Roofer

The roof on your commercial property is a complex, multi-component system, and not every roofing contractor in the San Antonio area is qualified to repair, maintain or replace it. This makes it critically important to take the time to fully evaluate any roofing contractor you're considering hiring. You can use the following traits and characteristics as a guide to narrow down your list of candidates... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 11/29/2016

4 Things to Know About How Your Commercial Roof Ages

Commercial roofs age at different rates for different reasons. The same roof can have spots that age far faster than other areas. Two adjacent, identical commercial roofing installations can age at different rates simply because of wind and weather exposure. Learn some basic signs of how commercial roofing ages to help preserve your property.  1. Uneven Aging All commercial roofing products... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 11/21/2016

Are You Prepared for a Commercial Roof Emergency?

The little Mom-and-Pop flower shop in Weirton, West Virginia has been around for 90 years. Its roof collapsed. The owners vow to reopen, but they will have to work quickly and closely with their insurance company and local commercial roofer to get back on their feet in time for the holiday flower rush. Could your business bounce back from such a devastating loss?  Small Business, Any Business Water... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 11/14/2016

Do You Need to Finance Your Commercial Roof?

As the owner or manager of a commercial building, you have the difficult job of budgeting and planning for necessary maintenance, repair and replacement expenses. Even if you're vigilant about forecasting, you can find yourself facing a big expense like a roof replacement at a time when your budget is already stretched thin. If you're in this situation, financing the cost of a new roof may be your... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 11/7/2016

The Best Windows for Where You Live

Replacing your windows is a big investment, but it's one that can boost your home's value and curb appeal. Investing in new, energy efficient windows can also increase your comfort and lower your household energy bills. When you're comparing different types of windows, your home's geographic location makes a good starting point to avoid getting overwhelmed by all the available features. Tips for Choosing... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 11/3/2016

All About Our Top Products in Commercial Roofing

Some commercial roofing products date back over 100 years, like built-up roofing. Alternatively, product innovation in commercial roofing is constantly evolving. From roof replacement alternatives to new colors in vinyl single-ply membranes, new commercial roofing materials come on the market all the time. Beldon Roofing proudly leads the market in researching and using innovative new products.  Coatings The... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/31/2016

Your Practical Autumn Home Maintenance Checklist

Home maintenance is important all year, especially in the fall. In most regions of the country, you should be preparing for winter weather. The following items are common items that should be checked during the fall:  Windows and Doors Your HVAC system may work perfectly, but it will use more energy than necessary if your windows leak. Warm air can leak through the smallest crack in a window... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/27/2016

Make Sure Your Insurance Covers Your Commercial Roof

Does your commercial building’s insurance provide for replacement cost of your commercial roofing, or just repair? Does your insurance protect against storm damage, such as wind shear that tears away single-ply commercial roofing material? If you do not know what's on your commercial roof, or what your insurance covers, then the roof that protects your building may have no protection.  Warranty... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/24/2016

How to Budget for Home Improvements

Keeping up with all the repair and improvement costs of maintaining a home can strain your finances. While you can choose when to tackle some items, such as installing new flooring, others can take you by surprise, like a ruptured plumbing pipe. If you plan ahead and put funds aside to cover big expenses, you can avoid draining your bank account or having to borrow for items like new HVAC equipment,... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/20/2016

6 Danger Signs of Trouble on Your Commercial Roof

Performing regular inspections and maintenance on your commercial roof is essential to prevent damage to the structure and interior of the building, and to avoid premature replacement of your roof. If you've been putting off routine maintenance and can recognize any of the following six signs of trouble, your roof needs prompt professional attention. #1 Dips and Sags Dips or sags on... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/18/2016

How to Know When to Replace or Repair Your Windows

 When something in your home breaks, provides inefficient service or just doesn't work as it should, such as aging windows, you may find yourself wondering whether to repair or replace. You may be unsure of the criteria to base your decision for window replacement or repair There are other factors at stake regarding old windows, such as home security and safety. Or, you may simply want a new bold... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/13/2016

How to Know When You Need to Upgrade Your Gutters

Your gutters should be durable and made to last, even when up against the toughest of storms. If your gutters are old or aren’t working the way you expect them to, you should look into the new gutter technologies on the market today.Inspection & Maintenance Inspection and maintenance are the keys to sustaining your home to keep it functioning properly. If you want to make your gutters last... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/10/2016

Helpful Guide to Improve Your Curb Appeal

Home exterior upgrades can be bold projects or just a few simple features that make your home look more beautiful and inviting. Exterior remodeling can also make indoor living better through greater comfort or simply fixing that leaky ceiling. So, whether you're yearning for new windows, updated outdoor living space, replacing your roof or simply improving your curb appeal, turn your wish list into... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/6/2016

Important Considerations For Your Commercial Roof

As the owner or manager of a commercial property, you already understand the need for planning and budgeting for maintenance, repairs and updates so that each expenditure brings the greatest ROI. Learning about the key differences between commercial and residential roofs can help you understand why it's essential to hire a roofing company with the skills and experience to properly maintain your roof... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/3/2016

How to Make Your Home Maintenance Free

 We all dream of maintenance free homes, so that we can enjoy our precious free time on activities we love. Want to find a way to enjoy a nearly maintenance-free home? Take a careful look at chores you really do dislike. Two that come to mind: paying utility bills and cleaning gutters. Here is how you can take them off your list: Maintenance-Free Windows Your windows may be adding to your bill-paying... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 9/26/2016

Up Front Roofing Costs Promise Long Term Benefit

Two considerations need to be part of a building manager’s calculations when pricing out commercial roofing: up-front costs and life-cycle costs. Many experienced facilities managers have learned that you can invest in a quality roof up front at higher cost, or spend a fast decade paying for a lower-cost roof through frequent repairs. Going hand-in-hand with roofing costs is the selection... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 9/19/2016

How To Care For Your San Antonio Flat Roof

The sun is the #1 enemy of your San Antonio flat roof. For commercial roofing, San Antonio businesses recognize the value of flat roofs, but must also deal with the downside. Proper care and maintenance of your company’s flat roof begins with understanding the risks.  Why Sunlight? NASA and the World Health Organization point out that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation stimulates... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 9/12/2016

What You Need to Know About Commercial Roofing

In 2000 everyone was arguing over exactly when the new millennium would begin. Was it January 1, 2000, or January 1, 2001? Mathematically, our new century began in 2001. If your commercial roofing material predates the turn of the century, now would be a good time to consider a plan for a new roof.  Commercial Roofing Longevity The toughest, most durable roofing material Beldon Roofing uses... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 9/6/2016

How to Best Care for Your Texas Flat Roof

Blondie Forbes, Texas card player extraordinaire, is credited with creating Texas Hold ‘em poker. It makes sense that the finest of poker games would come from our great state. Your flat roof, however, should never be a gamble. Knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em is just as important with low-slope commercial roofing as it is with poker.  Hold ‘em Your facilities... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/30/2016

3 Best Energy Efficient Home Improvements

You want to save money, but when it concerns your home you have to save energy to save money. If you use old appliances or own outdated fixtures, these things could be the reason your energy bills are increasing each month. Start by updating your home and what is inside of it to help save you money by increasing the energy efficiency of your home. 1. Replace Old Windows -Drafts You may think... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/29/2016

When Do You Need to Replace Your Windows?

Your windows are one of the deciding factors for whether or not your home is energy efficient, therefore, keeping them up to date is essential. However, sometimes your windows cannot be saved when they are old. Here’s what you need to know about the right time to replace your windows:Weather Stripping and Caulking No Longer Do The Job Repairing your windows with quick, at-home fixes can sometimes... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/23/2016

How to Protect Your Commercial Roof Investment

The commercial roof over your head is your company’s first line of defense against nature’s worst Texas weather. Damaging sun, hurricane winds, pounding rain—all conspire to penetrate your commercial roof and ruin your inventory, sicken employees, drive away your customers, or shutter the business. When you protect your commercial roof, you protect your business.  It's... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/22/2016

How the LeafGuard Gutter System Works

 Water is an engineer’s dream. It is elegantly simple, but has several fascinating properties, such as adhesion, cohesion and surface tension. These characteristics allow the unique gutter design of LeafGuard to solve your gutter needs. Cohesion Water holds together (cohesion), forming a smooth sheet when rolling off your roof and onto the smooth, painted metal of the LeafGuard gutter system.... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/17/2016

The Unique Qualifications of Your Commercial Flat Roofer

Every day brings new opportunities. For some roofing companies, a new opportunity may mean the first time they tackle commercial roofing. A residential roofing crew may happily experiment on your flat roof by installing a roofing material they have never used before. You probably would rather have a commercial roofer with the unique qualifications needed for low-slope and flat roof work.  Low-Slope... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/15/2016

Three Things You Should Know About Your Commercial Flat Roof

Texas has more than its share of wide open spaces, including the wide expanses of commercial roofs. Your company’s commercial roof may be something you tend to ignore, until a water leak develops. That leak did not start overnight, however. Three things you should know about your building's roof can help you prevent problems.  1. Heat Kills Texas heat and sunlight can kill a commercial... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/4/2016

Replace or Repair? Commercial Flat Roof Options

One of the “benefits” of being a commercial building owner is the constant opportunity to broaden your education. Faced with the dilemma of replacing or repairing your commercial roof, how do you decide? One way is to start with some quick commercial education. You can learn that a typical 50-mil single-ply roof on a 100' x 100' roof in Texas could cost over $80,000. Another strand in your... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/1/2016

Is Your Commercial Roofer Qualified for the Job?

When searching for commercial roofing, San Antonio TX businesses may be at a loss for criteria. What should you look for to assess a qualified commercial roofer? Depend On Qualified Commercial Roofing Companies - San Antonio Beldon Roofing is qualified, but not because we say so. Look for a roofer’s credentials earned from outside sources. Certifications, awards, memberships and customer testimonials... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 7/11/2016

Maintenance Considerations for Your Commercial Roof

Knowing your commercial property is ultimately protected by the strong, weather-tough roof over your head, what sort of TLC does your commercial roofing need? What is the break-even point between asking your facilities manager to devote time and money to maintaining the roof, and deferring even the most basic maintenance?  Invest in Your Company’s Future Proper maintenance of commercial... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 7/7/2016

When Is It Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof?

You get a blister on your hand from a weekend of yard work and you put a little antibiotic cream and a bandage on; you’re good to go. Not so when your commercial roof gets a blister. Blisters are one sign of commercial roof failure leading to replacement. Knowing several key indicators can help you plan an orderly replacement process.  History Looking at a roof on a single day... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 7/5/2016

4 Tips to Upgrade Curb Appeal

Some home improvement projects that set out to increase the curb appeal of your home are expensive, drawn out and don’t do as much as experts say they will. However, there are some basic and easy ways to increase the curb appeal of your home; these can be completed in one weekend! 1. Painting Refresh your exterior by painting the trim around your windows and your door a different color.... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 6/30/2016

How Commercial Properties Can Make the Most of Roofing Maintenance

Outside vendors for any business can be helpers or hindrances. When you hire a commercial roofing contractor on a piecemeal basis, expect that contractor to be a hindrance. This is because every new vendor will go through a learning curve, assessing your commercial roof, assessing you as the property manager or building owner, and offering solutions that may not mesh with your ideas. If, however, you... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 6/28/2016

Roofing Insurance Deductibles

Something nearly all San Antonians knew from first-hand knowledge has just recently been confirmed by a state insurance corporation: the April 12 hailstorm was the costliest in San Antonio’s long history. The $1.36 billion in hail damage to vehicles, businesses and homes includes millions of dollars needed for roof repairs and roof replacement. With these repairs come insurance claims, and... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 6/15/2016

Commercial Roofing Drain System

Commercial roofing in the San Antonio area takes a punishment from the sun, as well as the 32 inches of rain we get each year on average. Draining nearly three feet of rain a year requires not simply a clean gutter, but a complete, properly built commercial roofing drain system. All the parts must work in harmony to shed water that otherwise ends up inside the roof deck, inside your building and,... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 6/13/2016

Basics of Commercial Roof Waterproofing

The Texas sun famously warms our hearts and toasts our rooftops, but we often forget all the rain we also get in Texas. When your building gets wet, commercial roof waterproofing can keep it dry inside. With Beldon Roofing’s many products for waterproofing, coating, sealing and protecting your commercial roof, we always have an answer to the rain. Coatings Your commercial property’s existing... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 6/6/2016

Discuss APP (Derbigum) Product

Bitumen is ancient. Naturally occurring in areas like tar sands and tar pits, bitumen has been used by humans for centuries for just about everything, from gluing handles to flint tools, to caulking reed boats on the Nile. In today’s world, inventors and manufacturers have taken bitumen’s natural waterproofing abilities and strengthened the material to produce modified bitumen... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 5/31/2016

The Impact of Properly Sized Gutters & Downspouts

Major snow is not common throughout Texas. Rain, however, is another matter. While the sunny south enjoys plenty of warm, dry weather, much of Texas gets plenty of drenching rain. Sure, El Paso may only see around 10 inches a year, but San Antonio gets 32 inches, and Beaumont a soaking 60 inches. Channeling all that rainwater off your commercial roofing and safely away from your building foundation... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 5/12/2016

The Value of Long standing Roofing Relationships

For commercial roofing San Antonio businesses recognize the value of a trusted partner. Forming a long-standing relationship with a reliable roofer will help your bottom line by keeping roof maintenance and repair costs predictable. Additional benefits include institutional knowledge of your business’s roof, and more.  Roofing Systems No roofer expects commercial property owners to have... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 5/3/2016

5 Things You Can Do to Get Your Building LEED Certified

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is overseen in the United States by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Making your building LEED certified is a triple win: you gain prestige and enormous public relations value; you save money by reducing energy consumption; and you preserve earth’s natural resources for future generations. Getting LEED certified, whether for energy-efficient... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 4/18/2016

Discussing PVC/Sarnafil Roofing Products

Across the sunny south, commercial roof replacement often means opportunity to build in energy efficiency. An ideal solution for this is single-ply roofing, and among the most durable, most energy-efficient products is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Beldon Roofing deals with many superior roofing products manufacturers, but the industry-acknowledged leader in PVC is Sarnafil. Sika Sarnafil Commercial... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 4/12/2016

Maintain Your Roof

We are celebrating the 70th anniversary of our company this year and are very excited. Beldon has been working directly with homeowners as well as commercial building owners to help them tend to issues concerning roofing for 70 years! We wanted to tell you a little bit about the history of our company as we celebrate this milestone together. Sealed with a Beldon Kiss In 2011, We introduced our KISS... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 4/6/2016

Owens Corning Roof Deployment Program

 The Beldon team came together with Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors and Support Our Troops to partake in the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Program. The project is an excellent way to give back to the hard-working active military veterans and their families. The families will receive a new roof through companies like Beldon Roofing partnered with the program. Giving Back At Beldon... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 4/1/2016

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Commercial Property

Most building owners regard their contracted commercial roofing services as maintenance costs not adding to the bottom line. Yet when you work with a qualified commercial roofer, your roof is one of several ways to add value to your commercial property.  #1: Upgrade Modernizing your building increases its appeal and value. An easy first step: replace incandescent lighting with... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 3/29/2016

How To Choose a Commercial Roofing Company

Roofing contractors in Texas do not need to be licensed by the state. This means anybody—we mean anybody—can set themselves up as a commercial roofing company. As a facility or property manager, it falls to you to perform due diligence and protect your business property by choosing the right commercial roofing company.  Licensing and Insurance Some conscientious Texas roofers obtain... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 3/21/2016

10 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Did you know that Texas roofers need not be licensed, bonded or insured? When searching for the ideal partnership of your business and a commercial roofing contractor, this checklist can remind you that a good relationship with a roofing contractor is about more than price.  The Checklist What bond, insurance and license do you hold? How do you maintain quality on the job site? Do you provide... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 3/14/2016

Beldon Celebrates 70 Years of Superior Service

It's a 70 year milestone for Beldon Roofing Company! Very few survive as long as Beldon Roofing Company, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. A roofing company may come and go within the same year, trying to keep one step ahead of authorities as it performs shoddy work, takes customers’ money, and disappears into the Texas sunset. Beldon Roofing Company has outlasted many other... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 3/7/2016

Property Manager's Guide to Commercial Roof Replacement

Facility managers should not have to deal with commercial roof replacement more than once at the property they manage. Consider: overseeing a complete re-roofing on the industrial or business property you manage, you expect it to last twenty years, long after you have moved on to a better position for yourself. Because commercial roof replacement is a rare event for you, you have to trust your... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 2/25/2016

10 Facts About a Commercial Roofing System

Your building’s commercial roofing needs a highly qualified commercial roofer to look after it. If your roof fails, inventory can be damaged, customers injured, employees thrown out of work and your whole business ruined. Ten roofing facts to keep in mind can help keep you in business.  #1 Insurance Coverage Commercial roofing insurance rates reflect the diligence you put into maintaining... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 2/8/2016

Why Low-Slope Roofing Often Fails Prematurely

If you take a look at a map showing the intense sunlight beating down on Texas on any given day, you immediately understand why low slope roofing often fails. All that solar energy is great if you have solar panels to collect free electricity, but on an open, bare, low-slope roof, the sun’s heat and ultraviolet light destroys the very chemicals sealing your roof. Not only does sunlight lead to... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 2/1/2016

How to Prevent Storm Damage on Your Flat Roofing System

Beldon Roofing may be headquartered in Texas, but our commercial roofing expertise extends to most of the United States. Working as we do in 44 states, we encounter the same rough weather our northern friends experience. We work under the same lead-grey skies folks in Washington and Oregon see. And, of course, we have endured our share of hurricanes and high winds. Take it from us, storm damage can... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 1/28/2016

What You Need to Know About Roof Ponding

Roof ponding is an insidious problem, in that the first occurrence will lead to another, and then another. By forming a partnership with a reputable commercial roofing company can you avoid flat roof ponding and preserve the integrity of your building’s roof.  Teamwork At Beldon, we recognize that no one person, whether facilities manager or roofing specialist, can do enough to keep a... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 1/21/2016

Roof Coatings Offer Temporary Solutions

Given the choice between a complete roof tear-off and replacement or a rooftop coating, most Texas commercial property owners will opt for the coating, but more lies beneath the surface of that decision than just money. Money Matters Roof coatings for commercial roofs are temporary, economical alternatives to more substantial options, such as re-roofing or complete replacement. Hiring a smaller crew... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 1/11/2016

10 Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Roof

Flat roofs are economical solutions for commercial properties, but they are prone to damage. To protect and preserve your commercial building’s flat roof, take these 10 money-saving steps now. 1. Schedule Regular Roof Inspections By having annual or semi-annual roof inspections performed by a commercial roofer, you can prevent small issues from growing into expensive nightmares. A good inspection... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 1/5/2016

Inspecting Trouble Spots in Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing (BUR) is one of the most popular and longest-lasting commercial roofing options available to Texas business owners. Assembled on site and configurable to just about any low-slope roof, BUR seals well. The combination of felts and liquid roofing bitumen makes for a fire-retardant, waterproof roof. This does not mean BUR is maintenance-free, nor is it without some issues that require... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 12/28/2015

How Beldon Roofing Deals with Midnight Emergencies

Just as with plumbing, a commercial roof always fails at the worst possible time. You will long remember the holiday or weekend that was ruined when you were notified that your commercial roof needs emergency repair. From a leak to wind damage, many conditions can require an emergency response from your commercial roofing contractor.  Texas Weather Texas weather and climate are not kind to commercial... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 12/21/2015

Keep Your Business Protected During a Roof Replacement

When you schedule a new roof replacement with Beldon Roofing, we are committed to ensuring that your business is not adversely affected by the construction process.  However, since a full flat roof replacement often takes a few days to complete, there are several important steps that we take to protect your building during the project duration. How We Protect Your Building By reducing... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 12/14/2015

Commercial Roof Repair vs. Replacement

Beldon Roofing can help clarify your decision-making when it comes to deciding between a commercial roof repair or replacement.  4 Viable Options A damaged industrial or business roof in need of our commercial roofing services leaves you with four choices:  Apply a coating Re-cover Repair Replace For each of these four choices, you have to consider six factors:  Overall... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 12/7/2015

The Most Wind-Resistant Commercial Roofing

Some commercial roofing materials have better wind resistance than others, but—and this may be seem counter-intuitive—no single roofing material always survives high winds, nor does any one type always fail. Predicting the wind resistance of an applied commercial roofing material is tricky, though some general trends emerge from Beldon Roofing’s decades... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 11/30/2015

How to Protect Your Industrial Roof from Damage

Most industrial roofs measure hundreds or even thousands of square feet, making careful inspection time-consuming and expensive. Short of stationing several employees on the roof full-time to watch for signs of damage, what can a business owner do to protect your commercial roof? Inspection Working with a professional roofer, such as Beldon Roofing, puts the business owner at an advantage.... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 11/23/2015

Why Roof Ponding Leads to a Sea of Troubles

Whether your commercial roof is single-ply, built-up or modified bitumen, roof ponding can cause great damage in short order. Ponding may be the source of your own building’s flat roof leak. Identifying and repairing ponding problems can help prevent permanent damage.  What is Ponding?  Water that remains on your building’s flat roof more than... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 11/9/2015

Your Roofing Emergency Checklist

A roofing emergency for your Texas business can mean anything from a single leak above vital equipment to wind damage that peels away entire sections of your roof. You know you need flat roof repair quickly, so use a simple checklist for efficiency and to keep your business productive.  Gather Names and Contact Information In a single location, have the names, titles and contact information... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 11/3/2015

6 Ways "Cool" Roofing Helps to Save on Energy Costs

Color descriptors are strange things. Someone who is blue is sad, not cerulean. Seeing red has nothing to do with a primary color; you are just angry. A green roof is not green. It means it is environmentally sound, harmonizing with the goals of lowering our carbon footprint and increasing energy savings. Your Texas business baking under the southern sun can tap into the power of a green roof to lower... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/29/2015

The Importance of Keeping Accurate Roof Records

For Beldon Roofing, doing a job right the first time means careful documentation from planning to completion certificate. Accurate records serve as your company’s institutional memory of a job well done. While we know the value of accurate roof records, we are sometimes surprised or dismayed that our customers seem not to know why they need to keep warranty papers, receipts, or inspection... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/26/2015

Inspect Now to Avoid Major Repairs Later

At Beldon Roofing, we have no way of knowing how big or small your commercial operation is, so we cannot assume every business person reads—or has time to read—the informative pieces at We read them, because the site usually provides common-sense, unbiased ideas to save our customers money. A frequent theme, and one any veteran facilities manager has surely... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/22/2015

How Your Roof Adds to Your Bottom Line

In challenging economic times capital investments weigh heavily, and business owners search for income—or reduced overhead—throughout the company. A surprising way to add to your Texas company’s fiscal health is through its roof. By preserving your commercial property’s roof and tapping into energy-saving strategies, your commercial roofing can boost your bottom line.  Energy... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/19/2015

An Emergency Repair Plan for Your Roof

Businesses of all sizes have long been encouraged by state and federal authorities to have disaster plans in place. Fire, flood, quake or other disruption need not bring your business to a halt, and neither should a roof emergency. Beldon Roofing has emergency crews available 24/7, but what should you, the responsible business owner, do during a flat roof emergency?  Emergencies Aside... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/12/2015

Water Infiltration: The Slow and Stealthy Saboteur

Ponds are lovely little things. On golf courses, in public parks or even your own Texas backyard, ponds brighten the landscape and provide refuge for birds and beasts. On your flat roof, however, ponds—and ponding—are the stuff of nightmares. A flat roof leak begins, often, with ponding, and can lead to expense, misery and ruined inventory for your Texas business. Water infiltration... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/8/2015

Compare These Commercial Roofing Materials

Commercial roofing products are so plentiful and varied that business owners can easily become confused by the many flat roof materials available. Three common roofing materials offered by Beldon Roofing are single ply, built-up, and modified bitumen.  Single Ply Single ply roofing is one of the most durable of flat roof materials. Typically, polyvinyl chloride (PVC)... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/5/2015

The ABC's of PVC Roofing

Many business owners and homeowners are familiar with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) from the heavy, thick-walled plastic pipes used for drainage. But PVC vinyl is far more versatile: it makes a tough, durable roofing material. Knowing the basics of PVC roofing can help you decide if this versatile, energy-efficient option is suitable for your roof. Here are a few ABC's (ok, not in that order) of the... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 10/1/2015

Energy Efficient Roofing Materials

Beldon Roofing Company is dedicated to promoting great roofing products that align with environment considerations and the energy needs of future generations. That’s why we take great care to offer energy efficient roofing materials at competitive prices. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, we have roofing materials that can increase your comfort levels and lower your... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 9/28/2015

The Anatomy of a Low Slope Roof

People live by exaggeration. This extends into some modes of speech as well, from little sayings like “I'm so hungry I could eat a horse” to slight inaccuracies like calling a flat roof “flat.” A flat roof is really a low-slope roof (or should be), with a slight slope that enables any water collected to be directed into a built-in gutter system. The problem with flat roofing... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 9/21/2015

The Many Layers of Single Ply Roofing

Commercial roofing options, not just across Texas but across our great nation, include an entire category called “single ply roofing.” The name correctly suggests a single, flexible membrane, but there are far more layers to know with single ply roofing.  Defining Single Ply When Beldon Roofing puts down a single ply roof on your commercial property, we are using... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 9/14/2015

6 Steps to Protect Your Flat Roof

Your building’s flat roof protects your physical plant but also protects your income. Without a good, well-maintained roof, you risk conducting a “Going Out of Business” sale. For flat roof protection, follow these six quick tips.  Step One: Know Thy Roof First, a flat roof is almost never genuinely flat. You probably have a low-slope roof that provides drainage to carry water... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 9/8/2015

Why Sunlight Destroys Commercial Roofs

In the year 1905 in Switzerland, a little bushy-haired patent office clerk wrote a paper that described light as being composed of tiny particles he called photons. When Albert Einstein explained the photoelectric effect, he turned science on its head and helped show how ordinary sunlight generates a multiplicity of effects - including the need for roof repair for business throughout the sunbelt.  Sunlight... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/31/2015

Stay Open for Business During Your Roof Replacement

At Beldon Roofing, we provide commercial roofing solutions to businesses of every type. From skyscrapers to one-story shops, we inspect, maintain, repair and—if necessary—provide roof replacement for just about every kind of commercial roofing. Nearly every building manager and business owner asks us the same question: “How much will this impact our business?” Fortunately,... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/24/2015

Rooftop Energy Savings to Lower Cooling Costs

Your business’s roof is the first shield against high cooling costs. Beldon Roofing can work with your company so your roof helps raise energy savings and lower cooling expenses.  Cool Roofing Cool roofing is purpose-built to reflect and re-emit solar energy back into the atmosphere. Without cool roofing, your industrial plant or commercial building is a heat island,... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/20/2015

Increase the Lifespan of Your Roof

Most business owners know the difference between a clearance sale and going out of business. No company plans to be in business only three to five years. Yet without careful planning and upkeep, the commercial flat roofing—single-ply, built-up or modified bitumen—that protects your business may need replacing that quickly. The costs to replace a low-slope or flat roof could eat... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/13/2015

How Frequently Should You Inspect Your Commercial Roof?

Imagine standing in the middle of your commercial property’s first floor. Perhaps it’s aisles of racks of gadgets and gizmos, or arrays of dining tables and chairs. Can you imagine never sweeping that all-important customer space? Never clearing trash or mopping up spills? With that kind of neglect, you would not have customers for very long. If you neglect the flat roofing that protects... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/12/2015

Why it's important to control access to your roof

As a roofing company, Beldon Roofing takes great pride in offering tough, durable commercial roof coverings for your low-slope or flat roof. Our products are some of the strongest on the market. If you think about it, though, the protection your flat roof provides your Texas business is really thin compared, say, to the total height of your building. A one-story building may be 15 feet high, but... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 8/11/2015

Professional Flat Roof Inspection

When your commercial property calls for a low-slope or flat roof inspection, what should you look for? Do you start with the parapets, or inspect the flashing? The answers to this question are many and varied, depending on who you ask.  Fortunately, there is one easy number to call for mroe comprehensive help with keeping your flat roof in shape. The Beldon KISS Beldon’s Keep... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 7/27/2015

Protect the Investment You Made in Your Roof

Did you personally lay down the low-slope or flat roof protecting your Texas business? Chances are, you knew you were not qualified to roof your own company. You hired a commercial roofing contractor to apply a single membrane, BUR or APP roof. You may even recall exactly how much that flat roof cost your company, and it probably was a big investment. Why take chances now by neglecting flat roof repair?... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 7/23/2015

Seal Your Roof....With A Beldon KISS™

Your low-slope or flat roof provides a layer of protection for your Texas business, and Beldon’s Keep It Safe and Secure—KISS—Program provides a layer of protection for your commercial roof. Low-slope or flat roof maintenance is one step you take to ensure the smooth, uninterrupted running of your business. Beldon’s KISS™ Program seals the deal... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 7/21/2015

What to Expect During a Flat Roof Repair

As an owner of a San Antonio commercial property, you have to know a little bit about everything, even flat roof repair. While we hope you will tap the expertise and quality we at Beldon Roofing can provide, we also want you to know what the flat roof repair process involves, regardless of contractor. The Flat Roof Repair Process To begin, you probably only became aware of the need... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 7/15/2015

6 Ways to Class Up Your Building's Exteriors

There are some basic ways that you can spruce up the exterior of any building within the San Antonio area, Texas.  Here are six ways to consider making your building look its best on the outside: 1. The Roof  Repair the roof. Instead of waiting for leaks to come through and having to replace the entire roof, have us come and complete roof repairs for your commercial or industrial roofing... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 7/9/2015

Common Flat Roofing Problems

Roofing problems can be some of the most critical problems for your commercial or industrial building. The best way to address problems quickly is to know what to look for. While common problems include flashing and seal issues, all of the problems usually lead to the same ultimate problem: Leaks Leaks are a large cause for concern when it comes to any type of roofing. However, because of its... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 7/7/2015

Hail Damage and Your Roof

Harsh weather can damage the roofing on your home. After a storm - especially a hail storm - it may be wise to check your roof for damage. If your roof has been damaged, it's wisest to move quickly to make repairs before you encounter worse problems.  What does hail damage look like? Hail damage will appear differently depending on what sort of roofing you have. If you are using... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 6/25/2015

Keep Your Building Cool - With a Cool Roof

Advances in roofing technology and roof types provides new ways to keep extra heat out of your home or business during the summer without losing heat during the winter. These advances mean lower energy costs as you don't need as much air conditioning, and they're better for the environment. When you think about keeping your house cool, you might not realize what sort of role your roof plays in the... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 6/23/2015

HVAC Systems and Your Roofing System

  Flat roofs are a great choice for many buildings. They have many advantages over pitched roofs, especially for large commercial buildings where pitched roofs may be impractical. However, flat roofs pose unique challenges, especially when combined with the demands of a commercial HVAC system. Condensation An HVAC system often creates condensation in and around the unit. On a flat roof, excessive condensation... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 6/18/2015

Adding Value to Your San Antonio Home

Every homeowner would like to invest in and increase the value of their home, but knowing which renovations will provide the best returns when you choose to sell can be tough. Here are a few tips to help you pinpoint some of the more valuable ways to upgrade your living spaces: Curb Appeal When buying a home, most people make a positive or negative decision within the first moments of viewing a home.... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 6/12/2015

Storm Aftermath Checklist

After a hail or rain storm has swept through your neighborhood, action steps must be taken promptly to secure your home. In the midst of being unnerved about the widespread damage in the area, you must obtain an accurate assessment of the damage to your property. Here are a few steps to help get you started with your storm aftermath checklist: Landscape Start at the ground level. Keep an eye... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 6/10/2015

5 Tips to Protect Your Business' Exterior

What type of first impression does your business make? By protecting and maintaining the exterior of your commercial property throughout the year, you’ll ensure that the building’s façade delivers the right message regarding your company's values. The tasks will also reduce maintenance costs and prevent expensive repairs. 1. Roofing maintenance Whether you have one of the various... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 6/5/2015

Choose the Right Roof for Your Home

The beautiful San Antonio houses that catch your eye are in no small part more attractive because of their roofs. Some pay homage to the traditional Spanish style, with clay or cement tiles. Others use beautiful, deep-cut architectural shingles. Some cleverly use metal in its many guises for long-lasting, durable protection. Choosing the right roof for your home means balancing tile, asphalt... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 6/2/2015

How to Save Energy in Your Home

Energy rates are constantly on the rise. Budget and environmentally conscious people are looking for ways to reduce the amount that their family consumes on a daily basis. "Green" your home and shrink your bills with these easy tips for saving energy. Small Changes, Big Impact The easiest things you can do to save energy in your Texas home are always the smallest ones, but they can have a big impact.... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 5/28/2015

Preventative Maintenance for Your Flat Roof

In the San Antonio area, we are blessed to avoid some of the harsher winter weather seen in northern states, but we trade snow for sun. Sun, and ultraviolet exposure, can wear a commercial low-slope roof just as quickly as snow and ice. We do not get rain regularly enough for most people to consider water damage to metal roofing, but any low-slope or flat roof can develop ponding, drainage and... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 5/19/2015

When Will Your Home Need a New Roof?

The cost of replacing your home's roof can be significant.  Like any other major investment, it should be given plenty of consideration before taking the plunge. Sometimes there are signs that make it obvious that replacing the roof is necessary.  If that is the case, it may be time to consider whether it will be a metal roof replacement or some other type of roofing material.  Here... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 5/14/2015

Maintenance Requirements of a Metal Roof

Most Texas homeowners are aware that the metal roofing price they paid was a pretty good investment - especially since, as a general rule, metal roofs require the least maintenance of any roof type. Still, there are some general maintenance tips which apply to metal roofs, and these should be kept in mind so that the expected long life is not shortened. Keep Branches Cleared Keep the... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 5/12/2015

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

You have seen us speak often about metal roofing in these pages. Metal roofing durability, metal roofing longevity, and metal roofing’s ability to add value and curb appeal to your San Antonio home. Each time—admit it—you were thinking, “They are not talking about metal roofing price.” Allow us to address that here.  Metal Roofing Price At Beldon Roofing,... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 5/5/2015

Home Exteriors: Most Popular Roof Types

The type of roofing material selected for your San Antonio home can add charm and curb appeal, crowning your house perfectly. Unfortunately, the wrong roof types appear all over our area, serving as visually jarring reminders that homeowners need to give plenty of thought to their choices when considering roof replacement. Three very popular choices in the San Antonio area are shingles, metal roofing,... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 5/1/2015

Spring Roof Repair for Your Home

Winter in Texas is finally a fading memory. You can almost see San Antonio homes breathe a sign of relief as they shake off winter’s chill and bask in our warm weather. Spring, of course, also means spring cleaning, including the roof of your home. We at Beldon Roofing care about our entire community, so please do not attempt to climb onto your roof in a dangerous attempt at shingle,... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 4/23/2015

Metal Roof Replacement FAQs

Dependable, durable metal roofing is moving from Texas farm and commercial buildings onto San Antonio residences with ever-greater frequency. Your neighbors may have already chosen this attractive crown for their home, and now you may be wondering if a metal roof is right for you. When considering a new roof (whether you have an existing metal roof or a shingle roof), metal roof replacement is... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 4/16/2015

How to Know if Your Metal Roof Needs Repair

Maintenance, for a homeowner, can be an all-consuming, and sometimes all-frustrating, proposition. You shoulder all the responsibility and the cost for every repair. If you have a metal roof, the prospect of hauling out a ladder and climbing up there to check everything out likely isn't very appealing, and can be somewhat hazardous as well. Here we'll discuss some of the methods you can use to monitor... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 4/14/2015

Finding a Good Local Shingle Roofing Contractor

It can be difficult to find the right residential roofing contractor to help with your new roof installation or repair project in the San Antonio area. The following tips will help make sure you find the best shingle roofing contractor to complete your job: Experience is important New roofers may do a good job, but a record of quality work over a number of years will give you added confidence that... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 4/9/2015

Flat Roof Types: Which is Best?

We receive a lot of requests for single-ply roofing membranes that can both stand up to the elements and provide years of reliable protection. Here are some of the very basic facts about three flat roofing types and how they measure up to each other.   Commercial Roof Types  Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roofs have been around for years and provide commercial... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 4/2/2015

Is Metal Worth the Investment?

So you're exploring your roofing options and are considering a metal roof. Did you know that the original metal roof of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's Virginia home, is still functioning to this very day? Of course, not every metal roof will last hundreds of years, but there are a number of benefits to this roofing material. Let's start with a quick list: Metal roofing price Metal roofing... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 3/31/2015

Spring Tips for Your Roof

The fresh air of spring is one of the best things about living in Texas. Blooming flowers and the bright green of new leaves make the state look beautiful and inviting. But along with that gorgeous landscape come spring storms as humid Gulf air washes up into the colder remnants of Pacific storms and Arctic fronts. Unfortunately, the rapidly changing weather can lead to roof damage, especially... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 3/19/2015

What Does a Metal Roof Look Like?

For decades, asphalt shingles seemed like the only choice when it came to residential roofing materials. The majority of American homes boast of shingles - but all that is changing. Metal roofing is moving to the head of the pack as both a practical and aesthetically pleasing option for San Antonio homeowners. Advances in manufacturing metal roofing materials means that there are now more... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 3/17/2015

Flat Roofing 101

Flat roofs are commonly thought of as the go-to roof for large industrial buildings, backyard sheds, and foreign architectural masterpieces.  However, they have been slowly regaining popularity in modern architecture for residential homes in the USA. If you are living in Texas and considering building a home or small business, check out the five basic flat roofing facts below: 1. Types of... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 3/12/2015

Featured Product: Modified Bitumen

Commercial customers sometimes ask us about the modified bitumen we use for many flat roofs. As area leaders in this economical low-slope and flat-roof technology, we enjoy sharing our knowledge.   The Manufacturing Process Bitumen is a heavy petroleum product. It is great for sealing out water, resisting changes in temperature, and providing long-lasting, flexible roof protection. Unfortunately,... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 3/10/2015

Have You Heard About Solar Shingles?

A combination of aesthetics and modern technology, solar shingles are becoming a growing solution for people who want to achieve lower energy costs while helping the environment. Not only do solar shingles look attractive, they can increase the value of your home. Here are some key benefits why solar shingles are becoming more visible in our culture.  Eco-Friendly Solution Installing... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 3/6/2015

Can Anyone Beat TEAMRoof?

Did a heavy tree branch land on your shingle roof? Has a hailstorm recently hit, leaving you with damaged shingles? If so, call TEAMRoof™, Beldon Roofing Company's expert repair service. High winds can damage roofing eventually causing leaks into the attic and insulation area during torrential rains. What TEAMRoof™ Can Do Beldon's TEAMRoof is available... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 3/4/2015

Do YOU Have a Plan in Place?

Flat roofing requires a distinct set of maintenance steps than does sloped roofing.  Often this is simply because of the size and scope of a flat roof on a commercial or industrial building.  In this article, we would like to look at frequent inspections and preventative maintenance as a means of preventing your flat roof from falling into a premature state of disrepair. If you don't have... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 2/26/2015

What LEED Standards Mean for Your Roof

The business boom in Texas translates into a building boom for many new businesses that are setting up shop. It also means that the opportunity for growth opens up opportunities for businesses to move towards innovative, green, energy-efficient building design. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the world leader in certifying the energy efficiency levels of commercial property.... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 2/24/2015

Featured Product: Davinci Roofscape

 According to a study by Harris Interactive, 59% of homeowners think color plays a large role when considering making exterior changes. “To enhance curb appeal, it’s all about creating ‘top down’ color by working from the roof down through the different elements of the exterior,” said Kate Smith, president of Sensational Color in a Columbia Daily Tribune article.... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 2/12/2015

Why Coatings Help Your Flat Roof

In Texas, one of the only things we can count on constantly is the unexpected - you never know what is going to come along next and blow the roof off...sometimes literally. At Beldon Roofing, we can't help you with preventing storms and severe weather, but we know a thing or two about setting up your commercial flat roof to keep the wind and rain out, and we're happy to bring that expertise... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 2/10/2015

Shingle Roofing Warranties Explained

Asphalt shingles are a common and convenient material to use when roofing your San Antonio home. While more affordable than metal roofing or wooden shakes, a shingle roof is still a larger purchase than many that you will make during the life of your house. Since a roof is a big investment, you want to make sure you chose an option that lasts...and make sure that it is accompanied by a good warranty.... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 2/5/2015

Preventative Maintenance can Save You Money

Flat roofing has many advantages, especially to business owners. It can be much less expensive per square foot to install than the sloped variety which will save you on overhead. It is also easier to inspect and maintain a flat roof. But all of these advantages are quickly diminished if the roof is not being properly maintained. If your flat roof does not receive proper maintenance, then it will have... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 1/29/2015

Metal Roofing 101

Although metal roofs San Antonio homes make an excellent investment, the urge to keep with the old familiar shingle is strong. We understand, because we install a lot of asphalt-fiberglass shingle roofs. We also can point to many beautiful metal roof homes we have done. New to metal roof technology? Brush up on some basics.   Benefits of a Metal Roof: Longevity Metal roofing will generally... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 1/27/2015

How A Green Roof Benefits Your Business

Green roofing options are increasing in popularity and cost-efficiency.  Howeverm many people do not realize the benefits a green roof can offer as a practical investment for businesses in all areas of the country.  Today, our focus will be on Arizona and the southwestern states: Reduce cooling and heating costs The roof is the largest area of heat gain or loss in a building.  A green... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 1/22/2015

5 Neat Facts About a Flat Roof

Imagine that you are headed out to the garden to pick some fresh tomatoes and basil for dinner. Are you headed out to the backyard? No, you're headed up to your roof! One of the really cool things you can do when you have a flat roof is install a garden on it. Our commercial roofing gurus at Beldon Roofing, based in San Antonio, would like to share some fascinating facts about flat roofs... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 1/20/2015

7 Tips to Help You Find a Great Commercial Roofing Contractor

When planning to carry out a roofing project anywhere throughout the state of Texas, it is recommendable to find a reputable roofing contractor, such as Beldon roofing company. Since our inception, we have been providing high-quality roofing services to businesses and homeowners in this region. Let us analyze some of the most important areas which will help you to find a a great commercial... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 1/15/2015

Budgeting for Residential Roofing Repairs

Roofs in Austin, Texas, are a high-ticket item, averaging $16,229 to $28,948 per roof in 2014, according to Remodeling. Each year, these expensive investments take a beating from hail, wind, tropical depressions and spring storms. To help your roof do its job, regular maintenance and necessary repairs are vital. However, since roofing repairs can be quite costly, it is best to budget... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 1/12/2015

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Shingle Roofing Contractor

If you are in need of a shingle roofing contractor in Austin, Texas - be sure to ask a few questions of each prospective shingle roofing contractor before you hire them! A knowledge of credentials, experience, pricing and more can give you a better understanding of each contractor's ability to do a high quality job. Let's take a look at 5 of the best questions to ask: 1. Do you... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 1/8/2015

Increase Your Energy Savings with Ventilation

Texans notoriously spend millions on their energy bills every year - for air conditioning.  However, there is one energy-saving trick that is hardly considered because many people simply are not aware that it exists: roof ventilation.   A new shingle roof with proper attic ventilation will improve your energy consumption by providing good air circulation and acting as a sort of... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 1/7/2015

Shingle Roofing 101: How to Sound Like You Know What You're Talking About

Many people think of shingle roofing as "simple" - all you do is toss up some shingles and hit them with a nail gun...right?  Check your knowledge against the 10 shingle roofing terms we've listed below and discover what you know about your home. At Beldon Roofing, we not only want you to have the best roof in Austin, but we'd like homeowners to understand why. For your reference,... See more

By : Beldon
Date : 1/5/2015

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