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Preventative Roof Maintenance/Roof Repair

- Protect Your Investment & Extend the Life of Your Roof -

keep your building safe and secure

No matter what part of the country you live in, the weather can be severe and unpredictable. Anything that is exposed to the elements needs periodic maintenance and there is no exception when it comes to your roof.
Whether you have steel, shingle or a type of roof membrane there is no exception, all systems require roof repair or maintenance at some point.

Keep It Safe and Secure:
From the first day a roof is installed, it starts to age. Some roofs age faster than others but they all have a life cycle. Your roofs life cycle is influenced by heat, cold, rain, snow, wind and even more importantly by physical damage from roof top traffic. Some aging could be caused by improper installation of roofing materials such as flashing around roof top equipment. Ongoing roof maintenance will yield long term savings by extending the roof system's life, regardless of who did the original installation.

Beldon Kiss

The Beldon Kiss roof maintenance program includes roof repairs, punctures and one annual, non-destructive/non-invasive observation of your roof. This program is designed to visually identify those potential sources of future problems.
If the roof was installed by BELDON or another contractor and is still under warranty, our observation checklist will provide a basis for maintenance not covered by such warranty, but also for determining any needed warranty repair service before a minor problem becomes a major one. This will also help reduce the building occupants risk of costly interior damages.
If your roof is covered by a roofing manufacturer warranty, Beldon will work with you and the manufacturer to determine whether the items identified in our observations are, or are not, covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, the BELDON KISS™ Program helps extend the life expectancy of your roof even beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Upon your approval, our representative will prepare a written analysis of your roofing system(s). In the first year of the plan, you will also be furnished with a proposal for any repairs necessary to bring the roof up to the level required for the BELDON KISS™ Program.

The first year of the Program begins with the roof analysis. Each successive year our representative will make a comprehensive visual survey of the total roofing system(s), including roof related accessories and flashing(s).

After each observation, we will issue a checklist of the general condition of your roof. Beldon's trained roof repair specialists will follow up by cleaning debris from the roof and drainage systems. When indicated by roof condition or upon your request, we will also provide a proposal for major repairs or re-roofing. This will include a recommendation for materials and systems along with the projected cost.

In addition to the BELDON KISS™ roof maintenance Program service, as previously outlined; BELDON WILL REPAIR, FREE OF COST, ANY LEAKAGE THROUGH THE ROOF (UP TO TWENTY (20) LEAKS PER BUILDING IN ANY PROGRAM YEAR with an additional maximum of three (3) punctures per building caused by third parties in any program year) during the term of the agreement resulting from normal wear and tear or weathering with the exception of:

- Natural disasters such as high winds, hail, flood, lightning, etc.
- Settlement, cracking, warping or deflection of the roof deck, walls or parapets.
- Accidents, vandalism or excessive roof traffic.
- Abuse from chemicals, owners, tenants or other trades.
This service will be provided on a priority basis.

Our roofing maintenance program costs you a little and saves you a lot. Agreements can be written for periods ranging from one (1) to three (3) years. If your roof needs work to bring it up to the level required for the BELDON KISS™ Program, you will be provided with a detailed analysis and proposal for the work required.

Keep your house safe
When you're part the Beldon Kiss™ program you will enjoy features such as:

- Fixed monthly cost
- Lock in at current prices
- The ultimate protection  for your valuable asset
- Full time emergency crews
- Tax savings

And so much more!

Your benefits with the Beldon Kiss™ Program will range from reduced unforeseen expenses and no guess work for you or your tenants to crisis management going away and more money in your pocket.

Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have or assist in signing you up for the roof maintenance program!

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