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Emergency Roofing

Severe Weather - Roofing Damage

Emergencies Happen When You Least Expect Them - Beldon Has You Covered

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  • - We have two teams ready for a quick response when you have an emergency roofing issue.
  • - Our team responds within 48 hours
    • If the weather permits and it is safe, we try to get out the same day as your call.

Strom Damage

Roofing emergencies happen quickly and without warning. Severe Texas Storms are accompanied by strong winds, hail, and flying debris. Any one of these effects can bring about substantial roof damage, leading to roof leak or collapse, threatening the security of your business, home and belongings. When disaster strikes, it is important to know that there are dedicated professionals in the local region who are equipped and ready to respond. 

Emergency Response

As soon as we receive your phone call, our emergency roofing response team gets ready to help whether it be after a tornado, hail storm or severe thunderstorm. Many roof repairs can be completed in a single visit. For other situations, we complete temporary repairs to mitigate the damage. Than we schedule a time for permanent repairs or replacement to take place. In each circumstance, Beldon Roofing will guide you through a simple, streamlined repair process. 

When you contact our team to help with a roof emergency, you receive a crew of professional roofers who treat your home or business as if it were their own. 

A storm is indifferent to your fear, anxiety and suffering. Whether you own a San Antonio home or business, a thunderstorm or tornado can strike any time, day or night. High winds can uplift rows of shingles in an instant, and hail can pummel a metal and flat roofs. You cannot prevent storms, but you can reduce storm damage and restore your home or business roof to its original condition when you partner with a reliable, local roofer. 

Hail Damage to Roofs in San Antonio

Maintenance is Key

The San Antonio homeowner or business owner who works with Beldon Roofing has a trustworthy partner that will make sure the roof protecting your investment is as sound, solid and safe as possible. Complete maintenance and an annual inspection can help safeguard your home’s or company’s roof against storm damage. 

Whether you are dealing with a shingle, metal, or single-ply roof, routine maintenance and upkeep can reduce the storm damage. By keeping drainage clear and open, and by checking flashing and fasteners, our expert crews will have your roof ready to take on the worst rain and wind nature dishes out. 

Storm Preparation

Especially on low-slope roofs, reducing storm damage means removing anything that could become airborne. No matter what your low-slope roof covers, nothing should be loose to and able to be picked up and flung against your property by high winds. 

Trees and other surrounding tall objects are hazards, from high winds and hail. Hail can sever and drop branches onto roofs. Keep trees trimmed back to avoid overhanging, and minimize human-built structures that may tower over your commercial or residential properties roof.

Believe in Beldon

By partnering with Beldon Roofing for routine repair and maintenance, you have a crew and commercial roofer that knows your home or company’s roof. We keep careful records and can efficiently restore your San Antonio roof, working with your insurance company. Contact Beldon Roofing to see how we can respond to your roofing needs today. 

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