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Four Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters

Four Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters

The gutters on your home, though they largely go unnoticed, play an integral role in combatting the weathering effects from rain. If your gutter system is not functioning properly, rainwater can create some serious issues that may require a hefty investment to fix, so it’s very important to ensure they perform optimally.

When to Replace Your Gutters

Here are four signs that your gutters are failing and need to be replaced:

  1. Cracks and split seams — Any cracks, holes, or seams that have come apart will allow water to leak from the system.
  2. Stains on your fascia or siding — Water that leaks from gutters can mar or even damage your fascia or siding, so if you notice stains in these areas, you likely have a leak.
  3. Mildew growth along the bottom of your home — If mildew or mold is growing on the exterior walls of your home, particularly just above the ground, this could indicate that leaked water is pooling in that area.
  4. Gutters are separating from the home — Perhaps the most obvious sign that you need new gutters is if they are literally coming apart from your home due to rusted nails or brackets.

How Long Do New Gutters Last?

If you notice any of these signs of gutter failure, you should take action immediately to avoid further damage to your home. While you may be able to scrub stains from your siding, more extensive damage such as a cracked foundation will necessitate costly repairs.

Homeowners in Texas who need new gutters can rely on BELDON®. We’re proud to install BELDON® LeafGuard®, the original and only one-piece gutter protection system on the market. With a built-in, debris-shedding hood, BELDON® LeafGuard® is guaranteed never to clog, ensuring years of optimal performance and protection from the elements.

To learn more about how BELDON® LeafGuard® outperforms other types of gutters, contact BELDON® today.

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