Are Gutter Guards and Gutter Screens the Same?

Essentially, gutter guards and gutter screens perform the same function – they prevent leaves, twigs, and other airborne debris from entering gutter systems, thus preventing clogs and subsequent overflow damage. While their purpose may be the same, both types of gutter protection systems have unique pros and cons. For example, guards expel debris and shed it away from the gutter system and the home. Gutter screens, on the other hand do not “shed” debris, but rather keep it out of the system, allowing rainwater and other precipitation to sift through the screen and down into the gutters.

Because screens allow small amounts of debris to collect on the top of the gutters, they require far more maintenance than gutter systems with gutter guards. Homeowners with gutter screens still must endure the dangerous chore of climbing up a ladder to clean off the screens by hand with a gutter cleaning tool. So, while gutter screens are a slightly more attractive option in terms of appeal than attached guards, the maintenance demands generally make them a less popular option among homeowners.

In order to get the performance associated with gutter guards while also maintaining an attractive look on the outside of your home, consider the Beldon® LeafGuard gutter protection system. This innovative system features a low-profile, debris-shedding hood that keeps gutters clog free – guaranteed. Plus, its seamless design ensures that there are no failure points, so you’ll never have to worry about leaks or water damage. And, the durable one-piece system is attached to your fascia board using non-corrosive hangers, which adds to the attractiveness of the design and prevents damage to your roof during installation. To learn more, contact Beldon® today.

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