Are Your Gutters a Fire Hazard in Dallas?

Did You Know Clogged Gutters Are a Major Fire Hazard That Could Cost You Your Dallas Home?

Gutter Fire Hazards DallasAs many Dallas homeowners are aware, the area is no stranger to drought conditions and triple digit temperatures for months on end. These conditions allow fires to spark easily and spread quickly, and as a result, it is extremely important for homeowners to keep a fire prevention checklist. One aspect of this checklist that is often overlooked is cleaning out clogged gutters and keeping them free of debris. Leaves, twigs, and other debris can easily dry out and become fuel for a fire, which can lead to extensive damage – possibly even the loss of your entire home.

How to Prevent Gutter Fire Hazards in Dallas

In order to prevent a fire from sparking in your gutters and setting your home ablaze, you need to keep your gutters clean and free of debris. Some homeowners opt to dangerously climb a ladder to remove debris from the gutter system, but the best way to keep your gutters from becoming a fire hazard is to keep debris from entering the system in the first place. Gutter guards and gutter screens can be attached to traditional sectional gutters to prevent debris from entering the system, drying out, and becoming a major fire hazard.

The only problem with these two-piece protection systems is that they don’t completely guarantee your gutters will remain debris-free. The sectional pieces and attached gutter guards can pull apart over time, leading to failure points in the system where debris can sneak into the trough and dry out. Plus, the sectional pieces of traditional gutters can snag debris over time, where it can build up, dry out, and create kindling for a fast-spreading fire. In order to avoid these problems and keep debris from entering their gutters, many homeowners in the Dallas area are upgrading to the BELDON® LeafGuard® gutter protection system.

BELDON® LeafGuard® Gutter Protection System

BELDON® LeafGuard® is a one-piece, seamless gutter system that has a built-in, debris-shedding hood. The cover is a part of the system – rather than an attachment – and it pushes debris away from your home. It will not pull apart and fail over time, and the hood’s curved design allows rainwater to effortlessly cascade into the system, while leaves and other debris are swept away. With the BELDON® LeafGuard® gutter protection system, you won’t have to worry about dried debris becoming a fire hazard and potentially burning down your home.

For more information on this one-of-a-kind gutter protection system and how to prevent gutter fire hazards in Dallas, contact BELDON® today.

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