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What are the Best Types of Gutters for the San Antonio, TX, Climate?

Rain gutters are an essential product to have installed on your home in San Antonio, Texas. Considering all the precipitation that we receive here, particularly in the wet summer months, you want to make sure that all the rainwater is moved safely away from your home. Otherwise, it can damage your foundation, leading to costly repairs. But, there are countless gutter options available in the area. How do you know which will work best for your home?

One of the most important details to consider when selecting the right gutter system is sectional vs. seamless gutters. Most contractors use sectional gutter systems, which they piece together during installation. The problem with this approach is that the seams created where each section meets can allow water to seep through or allow debris to collect and form a clog. However, with a seamless design, the gutter system is made from one single piece of material. By eliminating the seams, the risk of leaking and clogging are considerably reduced.

Another element to consider when shopping for new rain gutters for your San Antonio home is what material they are made out of. Vinyl is the standard because it is easy to shape and has an attractive appearance. But vinyl will only last so long under constant exposure to the elements. Eventually, it will begin to degrade and will need to be replaced. As an alternative, look for a more sturdy material, such as aluminum, which is stronger than vinyl and will last much longer.

Homeowners looking for the best gutter protection for their homes should choose BELDON® LeafGuard. This exceptional gutter system is constructed from one piece of aluminum, meaning there are no seams. Combine this detail with other features, such as a curved hood that allows water into the trough but keeps debris out, and you have a system that is guaranteed never to clog or BELDON® will return to your home to clean your gutters for free. To learn more about this remarkable product, contact BELDON® today.

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