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What is The Best Type of Gutter System for Texas Homes?

Best Type of Gutter System for Texas HomesTexas is home to severe weather and is often subjected to snowfall during the winter. Because of this, many homeowners wonder – what gutter systems are able to withstand these extreme elements? The answer is that seamless gutters are typically going to hold up better than traditional sectional gutters. While it may be tempting to save money by buying sectional gutters, in the long run, you could end up paying more by having to replace these gutters again because of damage caused by the elements.

Problems Caused by Subpar Gutters

Low-priced gutters with seams are more prone to leaks and clogs than sturdier seamless gutters. This is because the seams create areas where debris such as twigs and leaves can get trapped and form clogs. Over time, the seams can also separate and allow the water to leak out, instead of being channeled into the downspout. And, as the gutters become heavy with the clogged debris, they can start to detach from the home, which only further exacerbates the leaking.

When water sits against the home due to clogs, it can cause mold and mildew to grow on the roof and fascia, as well as rot the structures away. Leaking gutters can also lead to landscape erosion, basement flooding, and foundation damage, since the water is not channeled away from the home.

BELDON® LeafGuard® is the Best Gutter System for Texas Homes

The best way to avoid leaking and clogged gutters is to upgrade to BELDON® LeafGuard®. This patented gutter protection system is the only one-piece seamless gutter system with a debris-shedding hood built right in. Twigs and leaves wash across the hood, while water is channeled into the system and away from your home. Plus, because the system is seamless, there are no weak spots or potential failure points where the gutter system can separate. What’s more, BELDON® LeafGuard® gutters are backed by a no-clog guarantee, as well as a lifetime guarantee, so once this gutter system is installed, it is practically maintenance free.

To learn more about having the BELDON® LeafGuard® gutter protection system installed on your home, contact BELDON® today.

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