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Can Clogged Gutters Cause Roof Leaks?

Clogged gutters are more than just a hassle to clean, as they can actually cause damage to your home, leading to roof leaks during heavy rain. Unclogged gutters are designed to channel water through the gutter trough, into the downspouts, and away from your home. But when clogs occur, the water instead remains stagnant in the gutter trough, settling against the roof.

Over time, this stagnant water can lead to water damage as your roof begins to rot. Soon enough, this damage weakens the structural integrity of your roof and, eventually, water will begin to seep into the interior of your home.

As you can imagine, clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to a host of problems within a home that are very expensive to repair. If the roof damage is bad enough, the entire roof may need to be replaced. Furthermore, roof leaks can damage the interior of the home – not only will the ceilings need to be replaced, but also the contents within the home that are damaged by water.

In addition to all these problems, water-flow over the sides of clogged gutters can also cause landscape erosion and foundation damage since downspouts aren’t channeling water away from your home.

Fortunately, BELDON® LeafGuard gutters can protect your home against these costly issues that clogged gutters can cause. Due to LeafGuard’s seamless, one-piece gutter system, water flows over its unique built-in gutter protection hood, flowing into the gutter system and away from the home. At the same time, debris such as leaves and twigs wash harmlessly across the hood and to the ground.

With BELDON® LeafGuard gutters, you won’t have to worry about the significant threat clogged gutters can pose to the value of your home. You’ll also never have to waste another weekend up on a ladder struggling to keep your gutters clean. Especially since BELDON® LeafGuard gutters are backed by a No Clog Guarantee – meaning in the rare event that your LeafGuard gutters would clog, we’ll come out to your home and clean them for you, free of charge.

To learn more about this innovative gutter protection system, contact BELDON® today.

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