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Do you need to have gutters?

Unless you live in a very dry climate where it hardly rains, it is highly advisable to have a gutter system on your home. You may think that by eliminating the gutters on your home, you can also eliminate the … Continue reading

How are gutters removed?

Gutters that are sagging, leaking, or otherwise in disrepair are not only an eyesore on a home, but they can also cause numerous problems, such as water damage to the foundation of the home and landscape erosion. In fact, allowing … Continue reading

Should fascia be replaced with gutters?

Fascia board is the mounted portion of siding that connects the roof to the outer walls of the house. It provides support to the outer edge of the roof and protects the eaves from moisture damage. Additionally, some house gutters … Continue reading

What are Seamless Gutters?

If you are interested in upgrading the gutters on your Boston home, then you have probably come across some companies that offer seamless gutters, which may lead you to wonder what makes them different from traditional gutters. There are actually … Continue reading

Are Gutter Guards and Gutter Screens the Same?

Essentially, gutter guards and gutter screens perform the same function – they prevent leaves, twigs, and other airborne debris from entering gutter systems, thus preventing clogs and subsequent overflow damage. While their purpose may be the same, both types of … Continue reading

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