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The Top Three Exterior Home Improvement Projects to Help You Stay Warm in the Winter

To ensure that your home is in tip-top shape for the winter, it may be time to pursue some exterior home improvement updates, and BELDON® is happy to help. Our state-of-the-art home upgrades will ensure your HVAC unit runs efficiently … Continue reading

How Often Should a Flat Roof be Coated?

Flat roofs, often found on commercial buildings but are also common on residential roofs, need to be maintained in order to stave off damage and the need for a replacement. A key way to maintain a flat roof is to … Continue reading

What’s the Difference Between Slab Doors vs. Pre-Hung Doors?

If you’re looking to replace the exterior doors in your home, then you’ve likely come across slab doors and pre-hung doors and you may be wondering what the difference is between them. The difference is pretty straightforward: A slab door … Continue reading

How Do You Figure Out How Much Insulation You Need?

Insulation helps to keep homes cooler during the dog days of summer and warmer during the frigid depths of winter. In other words, it lessens the burden on your HVAC system and reduces reliance on heating systems, which in turn … Continue reading

What is the Best R-Value for Insulation?

Finding the right insulation for your home can be confusing, and you may have several questions. What is R-value? How much of an impact does it have on my home’s overall energy efficiency? How do I get the most out … Continue reading

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