Do Gutters Prevent Ice Dams on Roofs?

It is a common misconception that gutters have an effect on ice dams that can form on roofs in the winter time. The truth is, in general, gutters neither create nor prevent ice dams on roofs – they are actually caused by poor insulation. When heat escapes from the house through the roof, it melts the snow sitting on the roof. The snowmelt then travels down to the un-heated edge of the roof that is above the eaves where it then refreezes, turning into ice. As this cycle continues, the snowmelt is trapped behind the ice dam, and it can work its way back up and underneath your shingles, then eventually into your home.

While standard gutters may not prevent ice dams, Beldon® LeafGuard can. Our innovative seamless gutter protection system has the option to be installed with heating cables that will prevent the snow from refreezing and allow it to melt off of your roof. Beldon® can also help you nip the problem of ice dams in the bud by making sure your attic is well insulated. We install Expanding Blown-In PINK Fiberglas™ Insulation from Owens Corning using a specialized machine that creates millions of insulating air pockets. This industry-leading product can keep the warm air inside your house during the winter, and prevent it from escaping through your attic to melt the snow atop your roof. Between our top-quality insulation and gutter systems, you can consider ice dams a nuisance of the past. To learn more about our first-rate home improvement products, contact Beldon® today.

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“My new gutters look and work great. They were installed in one day and the area was cleaned up as if the installers were never there.”
– Sandy H.