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How Many Inches of Rain Can Leaf Guard Gutters Handle without Overflowing?

There are different reasons why gutter systems can overflow, the most common being a clog formed by dirt, leaves, and other debris that have accumulated within the system. A clog can force rainwater to pool, spill back into other areas of the system, and then eventually overflow, which can be a real problem for Austin, Texas, homeowners, particularly during the spring and fall seasons when rainfall is at its peak.

There are many gutter guard products, ranging from attachable covers to screen meshes, on the market designed to prevent clogging. However, even with these protective features, you may notice that your gutters still overflow. This may be because, even though these products help prevent some debris from entering the system, they don’t keep all debris out. For instance, dirt can easily move through a wire mesh, and any product that attaches to the system creates a seam where debris can accumulate and water can leak out.

Another reason why you may notice your gutters overflowing even if you have some form of gutter guard installed is that the gutter system isn’t properly sized to handle a large rainfall. The troughs and downspouts need to be wide enough to accommodate a heavy downpour. If the system is too small, the water will flow over the sides of the gutter rather than safely away from your home.

To eliminate the worry of overflowing rainwater, choose BELDON® LeafGuard – the original and only one-piece gutter protection system on the market. Our system has built-in features, not optional add-ons, to keep debris out. In fact, BELDON® LeafGuard is guaranteed never to clog or we’ll clean your gutters for free. Additionally, our system has extra-large downspouts that can accommodate up to 32 inches of rainwater per hour. That’s over three times the record rainfall ever recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau! For top-of-the-line performance, BELDON® LeafGuard is the clear choice for gutters in Austin, TX. To learn more, contact BELDON® today.

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