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How Do I Keep Pine Needles Out of My Gutters?

Pine trees are often valued by homeowners because of how beautiful they are, but let’s face it: the abundance of pine needles that are regularly shed by these common trees can lead to extra maintenance chores around your home’s exterior. Particularly, due to their shape, pine needles are a leading culprit of clogged gutters.

Keeping your gutters free from clogs is integral to ensuring precipitation is efficiently and safely moved away from your home. Pine needles that enter your gutter system can accumulate and form a dam, allowing water to pool and potentially spill back onto your roof where it can cause serious damage. Therefore, steps should be taken to prevent pine needles from creating a clog.

Regular cleaning, up to four times a year, is the best way to remove pine needles from your gutters, but there are also gutter protection products available to homeowners. These products are designed to prevent debris from entering your gutter system. However, most gutter guards are simply mesh screens that collect debris, mesh that is no match for pine needles. The thin needles can easily slip through the screen and into your system. Furthermore, the screen itself then becomes a hindrance when it’s time to clean out the accumulated needles.

Fortunately, homeowners who choose BELDON® LeafGuard never have to worry about clogged gutters caused by pine needles. That’s because the BELDON® LeafGuard gutter protection system has a built-in curved hood that is designed to allow only water into the trough. All other debris, including pine needles, are kept out. This built-in feature, combined with a 100 percent seamless design, guarantees a clog-free performance. If you’re tired of pine needles clogging up your gutters, take the first step toward a permanent solution by contacting BELDON® today.

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