Will Siding Crack in Boston’s Cold Winters?

Climate can certainly have an effect on your home’s exterior. If you live in the Boston, Massachusetts, area, and you’re considering a siding replacement project, it’s worth learning how each siding material holds up to the area’s notorious winter season. Let’s review the most common siding materials on the market and what risks the extreme cold poses to them.

Wood siding is popular for homeowners who like a classic, rustic look for their homes. And while wood siding is beautiful, it’s the most susceptible to damage. If there are any holes in your wood siding, left by insects or woodpeckers for example, water can infiltrate and then freeze when the temperature drops. As the wood contracts around the ice, it can warp or splinter, further exasperating its vulnerability.

Vinyl siding is arguably the most popular type of siding on the market. There are many benefits to vinyl siding, as it is resistant to damage caused by pests, to mold and mildew growth, and to weathering caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. But how does it hold up to freezing temperatures? The biggest drawback of vinyl is that it is a naturally brittle material. As it contracts in cold weather, it can crack or even pop loose from your home, leading to potentially costly repairs.

The best option for Boston, MA, homeowners is fiber cement siding. This super durable material is impervious to water infiltration, making it immune to the key vulnerability of wood siding. Plus, due to its impressive strength, it will not bend or crack as it contracts in cold weather, unlike the risk posed by vinyl siding.

Indeed, you can’t do much better for your home than fiber cement siding, which is why the home improvement experts at Beldon® offer this exceptional product. Our goal is to provide only the best products and service for our customers and our consistent success toward that aim has sustained our business since it was founded in 1946. To learn more about the benefits of fiber cement siding, contact Beldon® today.

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