LeafGuard® Gutters FAQs

How do LeafGuard® gutters work?

They work on the principle of liquid adhesion. Similar to holding a glass under the faucet and watching the water adhere to it and as it reaches the bottom center, it falls from it. With the LeafGuard® gutter, water hits the hood, wraps around the hood nose and then falls into the trough.

Why doesn’t LeafGuard® get clogged up?

Approximately 95% of the debris in gutter systems gets in it while it is not raining. Leaves and debris hit the roof and as the wind blows, it falls down the roof and goes into the open gutter system. With our one-piece system, as debris comes down the roof, it is diverted from entering our gutter, due to the mouth of it being on the side. The small amount that does enter the system with the rain, flows through our 3×4 downspouts and is flushed from the system.

How does the warranty compare to other products on the market?

Our warranty is the only No Clog warranty available with no exclusions. If the system ever becomes non-free flowing for any reason, we will come out and remove the clog at no charge to the customer, GUARANTEED.

Will the LeafGuard® installation void my roof warranty?

The simple answer is no. LeafGuard® gutters are directly attached to the fascia or rafter tails with a screw and bracket system. Other products use screws or nails into the shingle itself, which can lead to water penetration, resulting in rot and other negative issues.

What material is LeafGuard® made from?

LeafGuard® gutters are constructed from .032 gauge aluminum, which is the thickest metal used for residential gutter systems.

How much rainfall can LeafGuard® handle?

LeafGuard® has been laboratory tested to handle 32 inches of rainfall PER HOUR. This is well above any recorded rainfall and is well above the normal annual rainfall in our market areas.

How does LeafGuard® handle snow and ice?

LeafGuard® was originally designed for snow and ice markets and allows snow and ice to flow over the nose of our gutter, instead of entering the trough cavity. Conventional gutters do not block snow and ice from entering the trough, resulting in the weight forcing the gutter from the fascia board and allowing moisture to rot the fascia and wood decking under the shingles.

Will LeafGuard® work with all tree leaves?

LeafGuard® works with ALL leaves, including small limbs, pine cones, “whirly birds,” and acorns. We also include anything thrown from the ground, such as balls, frisbees, and other toys which will not enter the patented LeafGuard® system.

How long of a gutter run can LeafGuard® produce?

We can produce any length of gutter run needed for an install? A roll of coil can produce up to 700’ of one gutter run if needed.

How will LeafGuard® look on my home?

With the many different colors of material available to choose from, LeafGuard® will blend perfectly with the fascia detail and house design. LeafGuard® is also architecturally designed to add to the appearance of the home, similar to crown moulding.

How long is LeafGuard® warranted for?

You are protected with 3 different warranties when you purchase LeafGuard® from Beldon®. The first is the lifetime No Clog Warranty. If the system ever becomes Non Free Flowing, all you do is call and we will come out to clean the clog out at no charge! The metal used to produce the gutter, downspouts, and corners, all have a limited lifetime warranty to the purchaser against the paint chipping, peeling and cracking. We also guarantee the gutter system will never pull away from the fascia board, due to our attachment procedures. If it does, we will come out and reattach it.


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for a full house of gutters

18 Months
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“The gutters work as designed and the installation was done quickly and professionally.”
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