Windows FAQs

What happens if you find rotted wood? Is there an up charge?

Sometimes issues cannot be discovered until the surface area is exposed. If wood rot is found, we will replace at a minimal fee.

Will you help me move large cumbersome furniture?

We prefer that all items are moved two to four feet from the windows but if there is that one piece that you can’t move on your own, we’ll be happy to help.

Does my house need lead-safe renovation practices and are you licensed to do so?

All houses built pre-1978 will be tested for lead. If your home tests positive, we will perform a lead-safe installation, and yes, all of our installation teams are certified for lead-safe work practices.

Will you be providing me new casing, stops, and capping the exterior?

This can be included on every project if requested. We can match the exterior capping to either your new window or your home’s existing color.

Will you be removing and reinstalling my awning?

Most windows can be removed without having to touch the existing awning, so there is no need for you to worry about the existing awning on the home.

Will you be insulating around the windows and in the corners?

Yes, we will install and insulate your new windows so there will be no more air infiltration or drafts.

Will you be caulking my windows?

Yes, after your new windows are installed, any open area will be filled with insulation and then the windows will be caulked and sealed on the inside and out. There will be no opportunity for water infiltration on those windy and rainy days.

Do the installers have carpentry experience?

Yes, they do, so they can add or replace most items surrounding your windows.

What if a sill or casing is damaged, will you charge me?

If it’s cosmetic damage from the sun, there is no need to replace. If you would like new sills, ask your sales representative and they can work that into your replacement project.

Will you be hauling away all debris from the job site?

Yes, we are going to leave the site just as clean, if not cleaner, than when we arrived.

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