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How LeafGuard® Works

A High-Performance Seamless Gutter System That Doesn’t Clog – Guaranteed

Are you tired of having to climb a ladder to clean your rain gutters? Do you wish you didn’t have to put your physical safety at risk just to remove debris from a clogged gutter system? The BELDON® LeafGuard® gutter system is a patented product that will simplify your life by eliminating the backbreaking and dangerous chore of gutter cleaning. It is a one-piece system that prevents a variety of gutter problems from occurring. Debris is prevented from entering the gutter system by a fully integrated curved hood that keeps out leaves, twigs, and other items, but permits water to fall in. Should any extraneous items enter the gutter system, its seamless gutter design ensures that the debris won’t snag. The result is a freely flowing, non-clogging gutter that channels away rainwater to where it can’t do any damage to the home. Another great thing about a LeafGuard® gutter install is that it doesn’t have to be nailed to the roof, potentially causing warranty problems like a standard system. Instead, it affixes directly to the fascia using durable brackets, with gutter installation typically taking a day or less.

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Never Clean Out Your Rain Gutters Again, Here is Why

Lifetime Warranty

LeafGuard® gutters are guaranteed not to clog with leaves, pine needles, or other organic debris – or we’ll clean it for free as long as you own your home. Our paint finish also has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. And all of our warranties are 100% transferable for the life of your home.*


Workmanship means the competence gained from gutter installation training, experience, and good old-fashioned hard work. We stand behind our work with our word.


No high-pressure sales tactics. No bait-and-switch.

All BELDON® associates sign a “Zero Sales Pressure Agreement”, pledging that we work with you fairly and treat you with respect.

No gutter install job is complete until your house and yard are clean. BELDON® associates follow a multi-step cleanup roster at the end of every single day, and an even more thorough routine before completing the job for you.


BELDON® is a proud BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating. This gives you the confidence to know that we stand by our gutters for you.

BELDON® also features the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, a reassuring sign for customers for over 100 years.

We’re most proud of our overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, including those on Google, Angie’s List, Yelp, and other websites.


When choosing your contractor, look for tangible proof of longevity and stability. This includes selecting a contractor that is more than just an office and operating under the same name for a few years. It means proper licenses, never inflating gutter costs or cutting corners to pad profits, and following exacting industry standards.

But industry standards just aren’t good enough for us! That’s why at BELDON® we have held ourselves to a higher standard for over 70 years. We do this for ourselves and for you, the customer.