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Commercial Roofing

Ten Questions To Ask Your Roofer

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Before you hire a roofing company, see how they answer the following questions!

Beldon Roofing has set the commercial roofing industry standard for decades. Our great team strives always to exceed the expectations of our clients. The Beldon Roofing reputation is founded on a high level of customer service, reliable products, and an ever-growing list of commercial clients.
Beldon started by providing commercial roofing in San Antonio and now has teams all around the US.

We Work With:

  • Contractors
  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Investors
  • Property managers

Putting Roofs On:

  • Multi-family development buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Military bases
  • Institutional buildings
  • REIT-owned facilities
  • Theme parks

The commercial roofing solutions provided by Beldon are guaranteed to be reliable, effective, and cost efficient. Whether working with a new construction building or an established structure in need of a new roof, you will receive personalized services throughout the duration of your project.

Our applicators are approved to be use with almost every type of roofing system manufactured today. This has led Beldon Roofing to be known within the roofing industry for uncompromising commitment to quality - in workmanship and products. We continue to provide commercial roofing designs and installations that meet with the highest industry standards.

Key things we do to make the project easier for you:
  1. Project Manager - A project manager is appointed to each job, he/she will keep watch over all progress on your site.
  2. 24/7 Service Department - Our full time in-house service department is always ready to answer questions and get to the bottom of problems.
  3. Written Contract - We provide a written contract to all customers, this includes a precise outline of every job to help define goals and expectations.

Our commercial roofing processes get’s better with your feedback. We work with a 3 step assurance program on every job, with full intent of keeping lines of communication open:
  1. Job Check: We will have one of our knowledgeable project managers will check on your job. You will talk about job progress, staying within budget, finishing details, and your overall peace of mind.
  2. Completion Certificate: At the end of your job you will receive a follow-up phone call from your sales rep and a completion certificate.
  3. Comment Card: You receive a comment card with your final invoice, we ask that you please take a minute to fill this out.  Your comments—whether they are concerns or compliments—are irreplaceable to our team.
If weather or other unwelcome surprises cause any delays, we understand this is frustrating. No matter what happens, we are committed to standing by our work and making it right!

Providing superior 24/7/365 customer service.

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Beldon Roofing provides exceptional roofing warranties to back up our quality assurance guarantees. If the need arises for any of our commercial roofing clients to use these warranties, they are met with friendly, professional customer service to complete the process quickly. 


To protect our roofing team, our clients, and the property we are working at, Beldon Roofing carries all-encompassing insurance coverage. Copies of our insurance policies are available by request.

Quality Control

To ensure that your roofing project moves along efficiently and is completed on schedule, our field employees and Project Managers are employed to keep a watchful eye on all jobs from start to finish - within budget and to your satisfaction.

We supply all our customers with a written contract that include specific scopes for each job. These details ensure effective interaction between you and the Beldon Roofing team.

LEED Design

Brad Beldon, President of BELDON Roofing Company, is an Accredited LEED Professional. If you are considering a LEED design, please contact him or click on the link to take you to the U.S. Green Building Council's website.

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