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Commercial properties are expensive investments in and of themselves. Take into account the value of the property within the facility and these costs can skyrocket. Your investment needs to be protected from the elements both outside and inside your facility.

The BELDON Roofing Company RoofExtend program is the best way to make sure your commercial roof lasts, providing you peace of mind and improving your bottom line. We focus on your roof so you can focus on your business.

With RoofExtend, our trained professionals perform biannual roof inspections and light preventive maintenance. The initial roof observation triggers a checklist of details our professional roofing TEAM will monitor. If our technician spots a problem, we will recommend repairs to bring the roof up to proper condition, which allows for better budgeting.

BELDON® RoofExtend Emphasizes:


Take comfort in focusing on your business operations, all the while resting assured that your roof is secure, intact, and in good condition.



Our trained professionals, per OSHA curricula, will recognize potential safety hazards on your roof and recommend enhancements.



We can help you save money by proactively preventing leaks, locating roof deficiencies early on, and properly budgeting expenses.

Common Roof Issues

Common Problems

You don’t think about your roof unless there’s a problem. Roofs are ALL BELDON Roofing Company thinks about. Let us focus on your roof and keep it problem-free.

  1. Out of sight, out of mind
  2. Failed flashings
  3. Debris
  4. Organic growth
  1. Ponding water
  2. Improper flashing
  3. Mechanical equipment issues
  4. Storm damage
How BELDON® RoofExtend Works:
Step 1: Property History
  • Research past and active warranties, and past and active leaks.
  • Identify current usage of the building, and recognize planned usage.
Step 2: Roof Assessment and Budget
  • Identify deficiencies and potential issues.
  • Create a budget for urgent and remedial repairs and planned roof replacement.
Step 3: Approval of Budgeted Repairs
  • Execute preventive maintenance agreement and repair scope.
Step 4: Perform Repairs
  • Schedule identified and approved repair work.
Step 5: Preventative Maintenance
  • Execute biannual inspections and issue reports based on site visits and findings.
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