How to Know if Gutters Need Work or Replacement – How Long Will New Gutters Last?

Have you noticed that your gutters leak or overflow due to clogs within the system? Are your gutters unsightly and ragged in appearance, with dirt streaks and chipped paint? If so, you may be considering repairing, or even replacing your old system with new gutters. Before you do so, there are important factors to consider about each option. Repairing your gutters may be a viable...

What Is Lap Siding?

Lap siding refers to a type of siding that is installed horizontally on your home. When the planks are placed on your residence, they overlap one another, hence the term “lap”. There are actually several different types of lap cladding, including Dutch lap and horizontal lap. However, two of the most popular styles among homeowners are traditional clapboard and beaded siding. These siding styles are...

How to Safely Inspect Your Gutters

Homeowners should inspect their gutters at least a few times a year to ensure that they are functioning properly. As you may know, failing gutters can cause major damage to your home. When water overflows or leaks out of the system, the resulting water damage to your home can result in problems such as rotting fascia, stained siding, and cracks in your foundation. That is...

Do Gutter Guards Cause Ice Dams?

Ice dams can form in your gutters when rainwater or other precipitation backs up in your gutters and freezes due to cold temperatures in the winter, late fall, or early spring. This backup is usually caused by clogs in the system that prevent water from flowing into the trough, down the spouts, and away from your home. Gutter guards are designed to prevent these clogs...

Prepare Your Home for Summer Storms

For many parts of the country, summer is the most anticipated time of year. The warm weather means tons of fun outdoor activities like having cookouts, going to the beach, and playing yard games. Unfortunately, summer also brings drastic changes in temperature and extreme weather that can threaten your home. Thunderstorms with driving rain and high winds are common throughout the country during the summer...
“As an Architect that works construction, I checked layout, shingle overhang, sealants over counter flashing and gutter installation. All work meets or exceeds industry standards. No nails or debris left around the area. Your crew…”
– Oscar C. , San Antonio, TX