20 Years with Beldon® – Ring Ceremony

Beldon® is able to provide top-grade customer service by having a committed, hard-working TEAM. To acknowledge all of the work that is done by their TEAM, Beldon® developed a loyalty program with rewards for employees at the first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth work anniversary milestones. The highest honor being the 20-year ring. On Friday, July 21st, Beldon®’s corporate office gathered for lunch as Brad Beldon®, CEO presented the 20-year ring to Armando Mendez, the sixty-third Beldon® employee to reach this milestone. The tradition has been around for a number of years with the first recipient being current Beldon® Chairman, Mike Beldon®. The ring features the Beldon® logo and was recently updated with Armando being the first to receive the new logo on his ring. Of the sixty-three recipients, ten former recipients were present at the lunch, and another 10 were in attendance at the breakfast ceremony prior to the field employees heading out to jobsites.

Additionally, as a company that prides itself on being a family business, this ceremony was extra special as Armando is the brother of Danny Mendez, President of Beldon® Roofing Company. When asked what his favorite thing about family is Mike Beldon®, stated: “Family is always going to be there…you can always depend on them.” The Beldon® TEAM embodies a family in this regard as they gather around the tables for lunch and trivia, and listen to family history told by Mike and Brad.

Congratulations Armando!

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“Excellent customer service and product.”
– Jean P. , Mckinney, TX