20 Years with Beldon® – Ring Ceremony

Beldon® is able to provide top-grade customer service by having a committed, hard-working TEAM. To acknowledge all of the work that is done by their TEAM, Beldon® developed a loyalty program with rewards for employees at the first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth work anniversary milestones. The highest honor being the 20-year ring. On Monday, April 8th, Beldon®’s corporate office presented the 20-year ring to Jose Mata (#73) and Eleno Gonzalez (#74), the seventy-third and seventy-fourth Beldon® employees who have reached this milestone.

The tradition has been around for a number of years with the first recipient being Beldon®’s Founder, Morris Beldon®. The ring features the Beldon® logo and was updated in the summer of 2018, making Jose and Eleno among the first employees to receive the newly designed logo ring.

Congratulations Jose and Eleno!

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