5 Factors That Affect the Cost of Replacement Windows

Window Replacement CostThe decision to replace your home’s windows can be a difficult one. Not only do you have to select a reliable company to perform the work, but you also have to make sure that they offer the type of windows you desire. Beyond that, one of the most important aspects for your decision will likely be the cost of the replacement windows. As you compare windows from different companies, you’ll likely notice that there are differences in price points. What causes those differences? Here are 5 factors that impact the cost of home window replacement:

Frame Material

As you compare windows, you’re sure to come across several frame options – most notably wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. Wood and fiberglass frames are more expensive than vinyl, and wood windows typically require maintenance over the years, leading to additional costs. Vinyl, while more cost-effective than wood and fiberglass, still offers many benefits such as low maintenance and durability.

Type of Glass

Windows with two or three panes of glass will inherently be more expensive than windows with a single pane of glass. However, single-pane windows are rare in the industry today, and the energy efficiency benefits of having multiple glass panes makes double- and triple-pane windows well worth the investment.

Type of Window

Different window shapes and styles are most expensive than others. For example, a bay or bow window will almost always be more expensive than an awning, casement, or double-hung window. That’s because bay and bow windows are made up of several smaller windows, so the increased price is understandable.

Type of Installation

An insert installation is when only the window is replaced. A full-frame replacement, on the other hand, is when the entire window – frame and all – is replaced. Because they are more comprehensive, full-frame replacements are typically pricier compared to simple insert installations.

Finding a Window Replacement Company

When selecting a company to perform your window replacement, it’s important to do your research. Some companies gauge prices and try to sell only low-end windows that aren’t built to provide lasting performance. That’s why it’s extremely important to work with a window replacement company you can count on.

BELDON® – The Window Replacement Company You Can Trust

When it comes to window replacement, you’ll be hard pressed to find a company that offers the top-quality windows, reliable installations, and five-star customer service afforded by BELDON. We proudly install elegant, energy-efficient vinyl windows that boast impressive features such as coated glass and durable hardware to ensure flawless performance and functionality for years to come. And, we offer fair, affordable prices. To learn more about the cost of our window replacement services, contact BELDON today!

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