Are Vinyl Windows Energy Efficient?

Many of the vinyl replacement windows on today’s market are energy efficient. Equipped with features such as low-emissivity-coated glass, foam-enhanced frames, and warm edge spacers, modern vinyl windows are designed to reduce energy transfer and limit the impact of light penetration. This allows HVAC systems to more easily regulate indoor temperatures throughout the year, especially in areas with drastic climate fluctuations between the seasons. The lessened burden on HVAC systems means that they require less energy, thus making them more efficient, which may even lead to reduced monthly energy costs for homeowners. Plus, durable vinyl frames are built to last longer than other materials such as wood, allowing homeowners to enjoy energy efficiency for years to come.

While these innovative features are important for energy efficiency, the way the vinyl windows are installed is almost equally important – if not more. In order to achieve maximum energy efficiency, replacement windows must be installed snuggly into place and sealed along the edge of the frame. This eliminates air drafts that can cause indoor temperatures to fluctuate, thus placing strain on the HVAC system. Proper installation allows windows to perform at peak energy efficiency well into the future, thus yielding the best results for longer.

For top-quality vinyl replacement windows, consider tuning to BELDON®. We boast a full line of energy efficient windows that are equipped with many of the features and benefits mentioned above. They are also low-maintenance and feature a reinforced locking system that boosts security. And, we offer professional installation as well. Our team of experts can install your windows properly, allowing you to take advantage of maximum energy efficiency for your home. To learn more about our windows and installation services, contact BELDON® today.

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