Avoid These 3 Things For Your Commercial Flat Roof

The Creekside Automotive commercial building in Rowlett, TX, lost its roof in July 2016, when storms kicked up strong wind gusts. Fortunately no injuries resulted, but the peeled away roof reminds us that commercial flat roofing is no place for amateurs. Had the building owner or facilities manager been on the roof to “just check the drains” when the storm hit, for instance, far worse results could have made far bigger headlines. Unnecessary rooftop visits are just one practice to avoid with commercial flat roofing.

Stay off the roof

Some building owners think of their building as their personal property, the same as you might view a guard dog. Yet you know the guard dog has the potential to bite the hand that feeds it. A roof is the same—it may just be there, inviting you to climb on, but roofs are unpredictable. The less time you spend on the roof, the safer you are. Leave full inspections and repair to professionals like Beldon® Roofing. We have the crews, equipment and training to walk your commercial flat roofing safely.

Avoid procrastination

Another behavior to avoid is procrastination. Ignoring the trouble signs of a potential leak—ponding, musty odors inside, stained ceilings, or visibly damp roof insulation—only increases your eventual repair cost.

If your commercial property shows evidence of a leak, get that small repair made soon, before it escalates into a major reroofing project. You can avoid damage to the insulation and roof deck with prompt attention. This quick repair will save you money in the long term.

Avoid DIY

Some building owners assume they can make roof repairs themselves. You or your facilities manager may think of yourselves as “kinda handy with a hammer,” but why risk your business, inventory and employees’ jobs on an amateur repair?

The do-it-yourself approach may work temporarily to clear a clogged scupper; for most commercial flat roofing repair, though, you need the help of a professional roofer:

  • Differing materials are common on roofs;
  • A common problem is using chemical solvents to seal seams that originally were heat sealed;
  • Not only can amateurs mix up roof surfacing materials, they can unknowingly place fair and unfair metals in contact, causing galvanic corrosion

Now that you know what you should not handle on your commercial flat roofing, turn to Beldon® Roofing for the professional touch. Contact us today to learn more about inspection, monitoring, repair and re-roofing.

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