Beldon® Introduces 20 Year Wall of Fame

At Beldon®, we realize that our employees are one of our greatest assets, and we are delighted to honor our many dedicated and committed employees who have been with the company for more than 20 years. Our employees uphold our corporate principles by demonstrating our vision of working for a better future to deliver on our customer promise and making us the organization we are today. The tradition of recognizing 20-year employees has been around for a number of years with the second recipient being current Beldon® Chairman, Mike Beldon®. His father, Morry Beldon®, was the first. Nowadays, Beldon® has a loyalty program with rewards for employees at the first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth work anniversary milestones. The highest honor being the 20-year ring. On behalf of the company, we wanted to introduce our 20 Year Wall of Fame. Now employees will not only be given a ring to remember their 20 years of dedication, but they will also be commemorated with a plaque on the wall. The Beldon® name has been on the building for 70+ years. After months of designing, we are happy to present everyone’s name alongside the Beldon® name on our building. On Friday, December 8th we revealed the 20-year wall to honor these hard-working employees. This wall highlights the dedication of all the members who have reached 20 years at Beldon®. When asked, Dick Zucker, an employee who has been at Beldon® for 30+ years, stated: “I view it with pride, honor, and thanks as I look at my name among some really special people I learned to trust and respect. Makes me think back …to my original handshake with Mike Beldon® and my determination to not only carry the name Beldon® proudly into the community but to be an absolute advocate for customers.” We look forward to adding to the wall as more dedicated employees reach 20 years with Beldon®.

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