Does Fiber Cement Siding Rot?

Does Fiber Cement Siding RotIn a word, no, fiber cement siding does not rot the same way that other types of siding do.

One of the most common reasons why homeowners replace their siding is because of rot. Wood siding is especially prone to rot due to issues like:

  • Worn paint — Wood siding is almost always painted, which protects the wood surfaces and beautifies the home. Over the years, however, paint can wear away if it’s not maintained properly. This allows the wood underneath to absorb moisture, decay, and rot.
  • Poor water management — If rainwater is allowed to flow from the roof onto the wood siding, eventual damage and rot are almost certain. A simple way to prevent this siding water damage is to have a gutter and downspout system installed that directs all water away from the house.
  • Pests — Birds and insects are naturally drawn to wood siding, and the damage that these creatures cause can leave weakened, rotting areas of siding behind.

How Fiber Cement Siding Is Different

Fiber cement siding, which was invented by manufacturer James Hardie®, is made from a mix of wood pulp and cement. This siding is very water resistant, and since rot is mostly caused by moisture, fiber cement siding is resistant to rot.

In addition to being resistant to moisture and rot, James Hardie HardiePlank® fiber cement siding shows extreme durability against:

  • Fire
  • Termites, woodpeckers, and other pests
  • Rain, sleet, hail, and snow
  • Fading

Other Benefits of HardiePlank Fiber Cement Siding

While HardiePlank fiber cement siding doesn’t rot like wood siding, it mimics the beauty of painted wood and is available in a variety of gorgeous, fade-resistant colors. This siding is also extremely low maintenance and will look like new for years with minimal effort.

If you’re interested in having fiber cement siding installed on your Texas home, contact BELDON® today. We have been improving homes since 1946 and would be happy to provide you with a free consultation to discuss your siding needs.

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