Is Fiber Cement Siding Low Maintenance?

There are many reasons to choose fiber cement siding over other siding materials like vinyl and wood. Not only does it offer benefits such as longevity and impact-resistance, but it is also low-maintenance. Fiber cement siding requires far less consistent cleaning, attention, and re-painting than do its vinyl and wood counterparts.

Compared to other options, fiber cement siding absorbs less moisture. This means that it is less vulnerable to cracking or breaking over time, ensuring long-lasting performance. Thanks to its moisture resistance, fiber cement siding prevents the growth of unsightly mold and mildew that can otherwise stain the side of your home. Typically, these stains need to be removed from other siding materials on a regular basis, but you don’t have to worry about stains at all with fiber cement siding. While some maintenance and cleaning may indeed be necessary, these instances will be far and few between.

When comparing low maintenance siding options, there is only one name you need to know – JamesHardie®. The leader in fiber cement siding, JamesHardie® siding comes equipped with an additional feature that helps to make it one of the lowest maintenance siding systems available: JamesHardie® ColorPlus™ Technology. This unique finish is baked onto each piece of siding and provides even more protection from the elements and standard wear and tear, offering years of performance and a vibrant, flawless finish for your home’s exterior.

If you are interested in low maintenance siding that is durable and attractive as well, turn to Beldon® for JamesHardie® fiber cement siding. We are proud to offer this great product, and our team is trained to professionally install fiber cement siding systems on homes ranging in size and scope. When Beldon® installs JamesHardie® HardiePlank® Lap siding on your home, you will benefit from a 30-year pro-rated warranty that may lead to a higher return on investment. For more information, contact Beldon® today.

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“The fact that I will not have to clean out my gutters anymore. Installation was quick and neat and with no residual clean-up. It just looks great on the house.”
– Rikki R. , North Richland Hills, TX