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Fiberglass or Vinyl Windows — Which Should You Choose for Your Home in TX?

Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Windows When you partner with BELDON® to replace your home windows, you’ll be able to make a number of customization choices so that your new windows provide the best possible benefits for your home in Texas. The first choice to make is the frame material: fiberglass or vinyl. Fiberglass is a little on the high end, but are fiberglass windows better than vinyl? It all depends on how important the following attributes are to you:


No matter which material you choose, you can count on your windows looking beautiful and being easy to maintain. However, there are two elements where vinyl windows may pull ahead. First, vinyl windows will never need to be painted, whereas fiberglass windows will require an occasional fresh coat of paint as the years wear on. Additionally, vinyl windows will never fade — a benefit that Texas homeowners will likely appreciate. Our hot sun can eventually take its toll on fiberglass frames and cause them to fade.


Both vinyl and fiberglass frames will stand up to the elements for years on end. If you’re going to measure strength apples to apples, then fiberglass windows pull ahead as they are indeed stronger. But, this can actually work against them when considering the needs of Texas homeowners. To wit: The rigidity of fiberglass prevents it from expanding and contracting. Living in a climate that varies from balmy to icy, you want some give and take in your window frames to prevent damage, in which case the flexibility of vinyl window frames is preferred.


If money is not a concern, then fiberglass windows are certainly a viable option. However, for those who are budget conscious, vinyl windows come with a lower price tag and are therefore a more realistic choice for the average homeowner.

Pella® Replacement Windows

At BELDON®, we install vinyl and fiberglass windows from industry leader Pella. Though there are some differences between the two, the similarities can’t be denied: Both are gorgeous, durable, low maintenance, and energy efficient. Contact BELDON® today to learn more about which is the right option for your Texas home.

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