How Are Windows Replaced in a Brick House?

While replacing windows on a home with a brick exterior may seem like a daunting endeavor, the truth is that window replacement for brick homes is actually not any more or less difficult than any other style of home. The key to a flawless installation on a brick house – or any other type of house – is correct measurement from the beginning of the project. This is by far the most crucial aspect of installation because accurate measurements ensure a snug fit that will eliminate air drafts and provide years of performance.

In order to measure for window replacement on a brick home, the interior molding must first be removed. Then, take a tape measure and measure between the vertical legs of the casement, across the top and in the middle, and at the bottom of the opening. All casement angles should be a flush 90-degrees. Once all measurements are completed, the vinyl window replacements can be ordered and delivered and prepped for installation. When removing the old windows, it is important to note that brick veneer may be more brittle than other home exterior materials like vinyl and wood. This means that more caution and more precise tools must be used when removing old windows.

Once the old windows are removed, the replacement windows can be inserted into the window opening and caulked around the outside to ensure a tight, sealed fit that eliminates drafty air. From this point, you can decide to paint or stain the interior and exterior of the window to match the décor of your home.

Window replacement is a tedious, precise undertaking that is best left in the hands of trusted and skilled professionals. Here at Beldon®, we have a highly trained team that has decades of experience installing replacement windows on brick homes and almost every other style of home imaginable. We carefully install each window to maximize energy efficiency and boost curb appeal. Plus, our vinyl replacement windows are energy efficiency, with some of the finest available and come equipped with features like insulated frames and low-emissivity coated glass. For more information, contact Beldon® today.

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