How Long Will a Flat Roof Last on Your Commercial Building in Texas?

How Long Does a Flat Roof Last

If your commercial building is in need of a new roof, you may be wondering how long the roof will last. That all depends on what kind of flat roof you choose. Here at BELDON® Roofing Company, we offer a range of flat roofing materials to meet the needs of our customers in Texas. Here are some examples of the types of flat roofing systems we install and their general life expectancies:

Modified Bitumen Roofing

This type of commercial roofing has a surface made of granules similar to asphalt shingles and can last from 10-15 years. The arid Texas climate can shorten this lifespan, however, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Built-Up Roofing

The most popular commercial flat roofing product, built-up roofing is composed of fabric and asphalt, topped with stone granules. This type of roofing tends to fair better in warm climates such as ours and can last from 15-30 years.

Single-Ply Roofing

Within this category, there are different options depending on your needs. These include:


This membrane is a more environmentally friendly option than other single-ply roof types, but unfortunately does not have the same flexibility. Therefore, you can expect a TPO roof to last from 15-20 years.


PVC roofing is one of the more expensive options, but that’s because of its superior energy efficiency benefits. This type of roof can last 20 years or more.


EPDM is a synthetic rubber material and is a popular choice because it is cost-effective and can last 25-30 years.

Commercial Roofing Professionals

At BELDON® Roofing Company, not only can we help you determine the best flat roof for your commercial building, but we can also provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your new roof reaches its maximum lifespan.

To learn more about the types of flat roofing that we offer to businesses throughout Texas, or to inquire about our commercial roof maintenance program, contact BELDON® Roofing Company today.

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