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How Often Should a Flat Roof be Coated?

Flat roofs, often found on commercial buildings but are also common on residential roofs, need to be maintained in order to stave off damage and the need for a replacement. A key way to maintain a flat roof is to have it coated with a waterproofing material. This is much more cost-effective than replacing it altogether.

The Lifespan of a Flat Roof

A flat roof left unmaintained will typically last about 10 years. It’s a good idea to plan for a new coating every five years to ensure its integrity and continued performance. If your flat roof is less than five years old but you’ve noticed the presence of cracks or pooling water, then you’ll want to go ahead and have it coated. Those cracks and pooling water can lead to more extensive damage, the repairs of which may cost far more than a new coating. And, if your flat roof is more than a decade old, even if there are no cracks or pooling water, do your house or commercial building a favor and have it coated.

Two Eco-Friendly Flat Roof Coating Options

At BELDON® Roofing Company, we’re old hats at working with flat roofing systems. If your roof needs a new coating, then we have two options available to meet your needs: WetSuit®, an environmentally safe waterproof coating, and Karnak, an ENERGY STAR®-certified coating that will also improve energy efficiency.

To speak with an expert about your flat roof and if it’s time for a new coating, contact the roofing professionals at BELDON® Roofing Company today.

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