Should fascia be replaced with gutters?

Fascia board is the mounted portion of siding that connects the roof to the outer walls of the house. It provides support to the outer edge of the roof and protects the eaves from moisture damage. Additionally, some house gutters are affixed to the fascia, as opposed to the roof itself, meaning the fascia must also support the weight of the gutters, which can become...

What are Seamless Gutters?

If you are interested in upgrading the gutters on your Boston home, then you have probably come across some companies that offer seamless gutters, which may lead you to wonder what makes them different from traditional gutters. There are actually numerous advantages to seamless gutters over traditional gutters, which is why many homeowners feel they are worth the investment. Traditional gutters are typically affixed to...

How Are Windows Replaced in a Brick House?

How Are Windows Replace in a Brick House
While replacing windows on a home with a brick exterior may seem like a daunting endeavor, the truth is that window replacement for brick homes is actually not any more or less difficult than any other style of home. The key to a flawless installation on a brick house – or any other type of house – is correct measurement from the beginning of the...

Are Vinyl Windows Energy Efficient?

Are Vinyl Windows Energy Efficient
Many of the vinyl replacement windows on today’s market are energy efficient. Equipped with features such as low-emissivity-coated glass, foam-enhanced frames, and warm edge spacers, modern vinyl windows are designed to reduce energy transfer and limit the impact of light penetration. This allows HVAC systems to more easily regulate indoor temperatures throughout the year, especially in areas with drastic climate fluctuations between the seasons. The...

How Do You Figure Out How Much Insulation You Need?

How Do You Figure Out How Much Insulation You Need
Insulation helps to keep homes cooler during the dog days of summer and warmer during the frigid depths of winter. In other words, it lessens the burden on your HVAC system and reduces reliance on heating systems, which in turn boosts energy efficiency and may yield savings on monthly energy bills. In order to maximize these benefits, almost all parts of the home need to...
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