How Do You Figure Out How Much Insulation You Need?

How Do You Figure Out How Much Insulation You Need
Insulation helps to keep homes cooler during the dog days of summer and warmer during the frigid depths of winter. In other words, it lessens the burden on your HVAC system and reduces reliance on heating systems, which in turn boosts energy efficiency and may yield savings on monthly energy bills. In order to maximize these benefits, almost all parts of the home need to...

What is the Best R-Value for Insulation?

What Is the Best R-Value for Insulation
Finding the right insulation for your home can be confusing, and you may have several questions. What is R-value? How much of an impact does it have on my home’s overall energy efficiency? How do I get the most out of my insulation while also staying on budget? These are all valuable and important questions to ask, and thankfully, the answers to these questions make...

Are Gutter Guards and Gutter Screens the Same?

Are Gutter Guards and Gutter Screens the Same
Essentially, gutter guards and gutter screens perform the same function – they prevent leaves, twigs, and other airborne debris from entering gutter systems, thus preventing clogs and subsequent overflow damage. While their purpose may be the same, both types of gutter protection systems have unique pros and cons. For example, guards expel debris and shed it away from the gutter system and the home. Gutter...

Do Gutters Help Foundations?

Do Gutters Help Foundations
An effective gutter system affords many benefits for homeowners. Gutters collect and carry rainwater and other precipitation away from the home, which prevents the water from pooling around the residence or cascading down the siding. When leaking gutters do not successfully move rainwater away from the home, the results can be disastrous. Problems like fascia and window sill rot and landscaping erosion can occur, resulting...

What’s the Difference Between Leaf Guard Gutters and Seamless Gutters?

Seamless Gutters St. Louis
If you’re in the market for a new gutter system for your St. Louis, Missouri, area home, you’ve likely heard about leaf guard gutters and seamless gutters, but how do these types of gutters differentiate from each other and from standard gutters? It all has to do with preventing leaks and clogs. Let’s start with leaf guard gutters. The term “leaf guard” is generally used...
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