Sure Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof

We at Beldon® Roofing make our bread and butter from commercial and residential roof replacement. We have come to learn, over our many years in business, the tell-tale signs that say the time is right for a business to invest in a new commercial roof.

Safety First

Though many indicators require up-close inspection to reveal themselves, we want to caution against needless trips out onto your commercial roof. Every visit should be documented, as each boot step on the ballast hastens roof replacement. Of course, if your commercial property has a steep-slope roof, we advise against any visit. Call us instead, because we have the experience and equipment to navigate all roofs, not just low-slope commercial roofs.

Repair, Replace or Re-cover?

You know best how your building’s roof ages. If you look at all your roof inspection documents over the years, you can see patterns in wear. Expect a lot of repair around scuppers, internal drains and along deckboards. You might see abrasion and wear on the windward side of the building.

If your roof has steadily and uniformly declined, but is only a decade old, you may squeak by with another five years of repairs. Start planning now for a full replacement.

If the commercial roof is substantially intact and has never been re-covered, a new roof over the old one may work. This option also reduces landfill and carting costs.

If the repair patterns seem to be widening—more and more areas require more frequent attention, with climbing costs—you may spend less over the next two decades by replacing the roof now.

Replacement Indicators

Industry experts point to several sure signs that you should replace your commercial roof. We at Beldon® Roofing can only echo this advice:

  1. Building codes do not permit covering an old commercial roof
  2. Moisture has invaded the insulation and deck, or is trapped between roofing layers
  3. Outdated mechanical fastening cannot withstand current wind uplift or fire protection codes
  4. The roof deck itself—whether wood or steel—is deteriorated
  5. Phenolic foam insulation was used in the existing structure, leading to sulfonic acid that corrodes the steel deck

Beldon® Roofing is qualified to provide a complete roof inventory. We can inspect, document and explain your commercial roof condition. We can provide recommendations for solutions to your roof replacement dilemma. Partner with Beldon® Roofing and preserve the roof you have while planning for the roof you need.

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