The Benefits of Metal Roofing

You have seen us speak often about metal roofing in these pages. Metal roofing durability, metal roofing longevity, and metal roofing’s ability to add value and curb appeal to your San Antonio home. Each time—admit it—you were thinking, “They are not talking about metal roofing price.” Allow us to address that here.

Metal Roofing Price

At BELDON® Roofing Company, we know you have plenty of choices of contractors and materials for your San Antonio roof. You could go with tile, wood shakes, fiberglass-asphalt shingles, or even a green roof. Every roofing material comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages. For many, the cost per square (100 square feet) of a material outweighs all else.

Installed metal roofing costs more than installed shingle roofing, per square. We can use some round numbers to illustrate why metal roofing price at installation can actually beat shingle roofing price:

  • One square 5-V vertical seamed metal roofing—approximately $500 to $1,250 installed
  • Three squares architectural series fiberglass-asphalt shingles—approximately $1,050 to $1,500 installed

Notice the three squares of shingles? Many shingle roofs will have to be repaired or replaced approximately three times before you will need to replace a metal roof. Metal roofs routinely last 50 to 60 years.

Fiberglass-asphalt shingles come with pro-rated warranties that diminish in value after X amount of years. One of the reasons is because a shingle naturally has a shorter lifespan. (The numbers here also reflect 2015 prices, not what you might have to pay for shingles in 2035 and again in 2055.)


Besides the long-term benefits of metal roofing price, you gain other, perhaps less tangible advantages with metal roofing. Forget visions of farm buildings—metal roofing can be as colorfully striking as a pure copper roof, as architecturally interesting as cedar shakes, or as traditional as Spanish tiles.

Metal roofing is completely human-made, so you can depend on consistent appearance and expert, predictable installation. Vertical seam roofing is a popular choice in the San Antonio area, but metal roofing can mimic the appearance of cedar shakes, slate, or shingles.

Metal roofing’s beauty adds value to your home—lasting value that shingle roofing cannot match. When weighing metal roofing price, consider that your home will look just as dazzling and beautiful in 2075 as it does in 2015.


When you examine the costs and advantages of metal, you understand why we at BELDON® Roofing Company are excited about metal roofing beauty, metal roofing price, and metal roofing benefits for San Antonio homes.

Whether you choose a metal or asphalt shingle roof is dependent only on your personal preferences.  They are both excellent roofing choices, and carry unique benefits.

To learn more about the roofing options available to you, contact our team at BELDON® Roofing Company.

Metal Roofing

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