Easy-to-operate Pella® awning windows from BELDON Roofing Company are an ideal option for many homeowners in the market for replacement windows. This style of window has a hinge at the top of the sash, which allows the bottom of the sash to be pushed outwards away from the home. This design facilitates refreshing air ventilation, giving homeowners quick and easy access to the outdoors with the simple turn of a crank lever.

Awning windows are perfect for almost any area of the home, from the kitchen to the living room, thanks to their functionality and appearance. They can also be installed in one continuous mainframe or stacked to meet specific design preferences.

Benefit-Rich Awning Windows from Pella®

In addition to these important features, Pella® awning windows from BELDON® provide a number of benefits that help set them apart from others on the market. These awning replacement windows are:

  • Stylish – With your choice of numerous customizable color options, Pella® windows create a fresh, contemporary appearance that is sure to boost the appeal of any residence.
  • Secure – Installed with a dual locking system on each side of the window, these windows offer superior security and help to protect against potential break-ins.
  • Functional – The fold-away crank handle offers hassle-free opening and closing, and tucks away snugly to ensure it does not interfere with any window treatments such as curtains or drapes.
  • Energy efficient – Built with multiple panes of insulated glass, Pella® windows help to reduce heat transfer into and out of the home.

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