Picture windows are so named because they are made of one large pane of glass, and therefore the view through the window is framed much in the way a picture would be. They are often placed in hard-to-reach spaces where more natural light is desired but fully functional, opening windows aren’t necessary. Picture windows tend to be larger than many of the more traditional styles, and they are often used in combination to maximize the views.

Reap the Benefits of Our Partnership with Pella®

At BELDON Roofing Company, we install windows from Pella®, a name synonymous with quality in the industry. Not only are Pella® picture windows gorgeous, they also contain leading insulating features that can make your home more energy efficient. These features include two or three panes of Low-E glass, a warm edge spacer, an argon gas fill, and multi-chambered frames. With all of these features working together, your new picture windows can help lower your monthly energy bills.

Furthermore, we can customize your new picture windows with your choice of vinyl frame in your choice of color to provide the new look you want for your home.

A Platinum Certified Contractor

BELDON Roofing Company is proud to be a Platinum Pella® Certified Contractor. As such, our knowledge of installation best practices is virtually unmatched by other window contractors. When you partner with us, we’ll create custom picture windows that will precisely fit the openings in your home, instead of using off-the-rack windows that are shimmed to fit. In fact, we can install picture windows in unique shapes, such as arched or circular, in addition to the traditional rectangular style.

To learn more about the benefits of Pella® picture windows, contact BELDON Roofing Company today.

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