Your building’s commercial roofing needs a highly qualified commercial roofer to look after it. If your roof fails, inventory can be damaged, customers injured, employees thrown out of work and your whole business ruined. Ten roofing facts to keep in mind can help keep you in business.

#1 Insurance Coverage

Commercial roofing insurance rates reflect the diligence you put into maintaining the roof. File a lot of claims for roof damage and your rates will most likely climb. Show a record of careful inspections and your rates will generally fall.

#2 Insurance Claims

When damage does occur, contact your commercial roofer first, then call your insurance agent. Insurance claims processing for commercial roofing repair are commonplace for the roofer, but you may be uncertain how to proceed.

#3 Maintenance Pays

Maintenance contracts with a skilled commercial roofing contractor pay for themselves by preventing expensive damage. BELDON Roofing Company offers the KISS™ (Keep it Safe and Secure) maintenance program as a money-saving measure.

#4 Monitor

Rooftop monitoring systems back up your semiannual inspections with continuous monitoring. Water, snow and ice loads can be tracked, with alarm systems to warn you if excessive build-up occurs.

#5 Safety

Some monitoring systems provide edge detection, so that maintenance workers, outside parties and commercial roofing crews are kept safely away from your building’s edge. This is an insurance plus.

#6 Anticipated Costs

Semiannual inspections and routine repair will cost less than a complete tear-off and replacement. Build into your annual budget the small costs of twice-yearly inspections and anticipated minimal repair work.

#7 Long-Term Expenses

Adding years of useful life to your commercial roofing lowers the average yearly investment in your roof. Plan to spend small amounts steadily to maintain your roof.

#8 Expect it to Last

Expect properly installed commercial roofing to last two decades or longer. Select a commercial roofing installer who has experience with the brand of roofing you select, so the manufacturer’s warranty is upheld.

#9 It is a System

Commercial roofing is not a single piece, it is a coordinated system to prevent leaks and protect your business. It includes flashing, mechanical and chemical fastening, insulation, drainage and more.

#10 Partnership

The fact is, any good roof can be made better by having a reliable commercial roofing partner to keep your business safe. Contact BELDON Roofing Company today to get the facts on protecting your business by relying on our business.

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