Imagine that you are headed out to the garden to pick some fresh tomatoes and basil for dinner. Are you headed out to the backyard? No, you’re headed up to your roof!

One of the really cool things you can do when you have a flat roof is install a garden on it. Our commercial roofing gurus at BELDON Roofing Company, based in San Antonio, would like to share some fascinating facts about flat roofs with you:

1. Flat Roofs are not Flat

A well-engineered flat roof is slightly sloped for proper drainage. The slope is typically 0.25 inches of rise for every 12 inches of distance. (Referred to as a 1/4:12 pitch)

2. Flat Roof = an ideal Roof Garden

Theoretically, any type of roof could become a roof garden.  Many flat roofing manufacturers offer guidelines for the process (for either residential or commercial building application): a complete. waterproof, flat roofing system installation, followed by a separate installation of a vegetative roof system by an authorized agent of the manufacturer. (Roof gardens are being promoted by environment protection organizations, such as the EPA.)

3. Many solar panel systems are specifically designed for flat roofs

There are solar panel systems that are designed specifically for a flat application. They are low-profile, and can do double duty by providing scaffolding for rooftop equipment like air conditioning units as well. In an area like San Antonio, where there is an average of over 200 days of sun every year, this can be a great synergistic approach to your roofing solution.

4. Flat Roofs = “Cool” Roofs

In areas which receive large amounts of sun (ie the San Antonio area), flat roofs can be covered with specially-manufactured materials that cool the inside of the building. This will also reduce the urban heat island effect in higher population areas, saving on carbon emissions and on utilities costs.

5. They can last over 20 years with the proper maintenance.

With proper installation and professional maintenance, your modern flat roof can provide coverage for your business for many years. Now, that’s cool!

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