Do you need to have gutters?

Unless you live in a very dry climate where it hardly rains, it is highly advisable to have a gutter system on your home. You may think that by eliminating the gutters on your home, you can also eliminate the associated maintenance that comes along with them, particularly cleaning leaves and other debris out of them to prevent clogs. However, the purpose of gutters is to channel rainwater and snowmelt away from the house. That’s because water, particularly standing water, can cause all sorts of problems in a home. All the maintenance requirements are nothing compared to the potential damage your home may incur without gutters.

As rainwater flows off the roof of a home without gutters, it pools around the home and seeps into the ground. Over time, this water will likely find its way into some part of the structure, whether through the basement or the foundation itself. This can lead to numerous issues, such as rot as well as mold and mildew growth. Furthermore, allowing rainwater to pool around the home can cause landscape erosion, making it difficult to maintain the health of the lawn or plants around the home.

For a gutter system that is not only effective in channeling a large amount of rainwater away from your home, but also is virtually maintenance-free, there is Beldon® LeafGuard. This innovative gutter system is completely seamless, making it far less likely to develop leaks. Plus, Beldon® LeafGuard features a protective hood that prevents leaves, twigs, and other debris from entering the gutters, while water is still able to flow into the gutters and away from the home. This means that you never have to worry about cleaning out clogged gutters again, and you can enjoy all the protection that a well-functioning gutter system provides for the entire time you own your home. To learn more about Beldon® LeafGuard, contact us today.

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