A well-functioning gutter system is vital to protect your home from costly damage and to preserve its structural integrity and value. If you have open gutters, keeping them clear of falling debris like dead leaves, twigs and pine needles can be a costly and a dangerous task. You either have the repeated expense of paying a handyman to clear out the gutters or risk your own safety by climbing a ladder to clean them yourself.

Are Screens or Add-On Hoods A Worthwhile Investment?

There are a number of different screens and covers available that are designed to keep gutters from clogging, but they may not provide a long-term solution. Both gutter screens and add-on covers can become dislodged by the wind or pushed out of position by accumulating snow and ice. A cover that’s attached under the roof can also become ineffective if the gutters start to pull away from the fascia board.

LeafGuard: The Only One-Piece Gutters With Integrated Guards

LeafGuard has created a unique seamless gutter system with integrated gutter guards that catch water but keep out debris. Rainwater flowing off the roof travels right into the extra-large trough, while debris is deflected by the built-in gutter guards.

  • – The one-piece design, made of extra-thick aluminum, gives the system superior durability and stability against winds and harsh weather conditions.
  • – The seamless construction and integrated curved hood keep debris from entering the gutter trough.
  • – The gutters are installed using internal hangers and screwed securely into the fascia from behind so the trough stays watertight.
  • – The LeafGuard system is guaranteed never to clog, so you will have peace of mind that your home is protected against damage from backed up, overflowing gutters.

Benefits of Installing LeafGuard Gutters

Installing a LeafGuard gutter system can help you avoid the myriad problems associated with overflowing gutters, such as:

  • – Standing water around your home’s perimeter that can damage the slab foundation or seep into your basement
  • – Ruined landscaping and soil erosion around the foundation that can occur during heavy rains
  • – Decayed roof substrate and interior leaks due to repeated water backups underneath the roofing material
  • – Rotted fascia from rainwater flowing over the back of the gutter troughs
  • – Flooding in your basement that can ruin the walls, carpet and furnishings
  • – Mold growth in walls, ceilings or basements due to moisture intrusions

To learn more about the LeafGuard system with integrated gutter guards, contact us at BELDON Roofing Company.

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