Facility managers often overlook the roof when it comes to maintenance, but this should not be the case. Regular preventive maintenance on your roof can save you from headaches by ensuring that any minor issues are addressed before they become more significant and more expensive problems. Proactive preventive measures for roof maintenance require little time and effort but can result in significant cost savings and peace of mind for building owners. Here is why owners and/or facility managers should prioritize preventive maintenance on their roofs.

What Is RoofExtend™ Preventative Maintenance?

At BELDON Roofing Company, we offer our RoofExtend™ Preventive Maintenance program, which can extend the life of an existing roof and protect a newly installed one. Our trained professionals conduct regular inspections, clean gutters, repair minor issues, remove debris, open clogged drains, open blocked scuppers, refill pitch pans, trim overhanging branches, and more, ensuring that potential problems are avoided before they become costly repairs down the line.

In addition to regular inspections (which we recommend twice a year), here are a few other things building owners should consider when it comes to preventive maintenance for their roofs:

  • Ensure no large trees hang over the roof to prevent damage from falling leaves and branches.
  • Regularly clean gutters, drains, and scuppers to prevent water buildup and seepage.
  • Check for cracks in flashings and repair worn-out caulk or sealants around vents, pipes, and skylights.
  • Replace and/or repair damaged roofing to eliminate pathways for water infiltration through the roof system.

Why Should You Maintain Your Roof?

Preventive maintenance is the key to a successful investment in your roof. Taking proactive steps and maintenance today can help eliminate headaches down the road, prolong your roof’s life, and maintain the structural integrity of your building’s foundation.

If you’re looking for an easy solution to start regular maintenance on your roof, consider RoofExtend™ by BELDON Roofing Company. It is easy to use and reliable for long-term results. Investing in proactive care now can save significant amounts of time and money down the line. Preventive maintenance on your roof is essential in keeping your property safe from decay and costly repairs. Take advantage of our RoofExtend’s trustworthy system today!

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