Should You Replace Your Fascia Board When Replacing Your House Gutters?

Fascia board is the mounted portion of siding that connects the roof to the outer walls of the house. It provides support to the outer edge of the roof and protects the eaves from moisture damage. Additionally, some house gutters are affixed to the fascia, as opposed to the roof itself, meaning the fascia must also support the weight of the gutters, which can become extremely heavy during downpours or snow storms. Because the fascia can be subjected to a great amount of wear and tear, it is reasonable to wonder if you should replace your fascia board when you are replacing your house gutters.

The answer to this question, however, is not a simple yes or no. It will depend greatly on the condition of your fascia board, and what type of gutters you wish to have installed. If your previous gutters were frequently clogged, this could have allowed stagnant water to sit against the fascia, which may have caused it to rot. If this is the case, then your fascia board may be too weak to support the weight of new gutters, and you should have the fascia replaced as well.

BELDON® LeafGuard: Protecting Your Fascia Board

BELDON® understands the plight of homeowners who have had underperforming house gutters cause damage to their fascia board. That’s why we offer BELDON® LeafGuard, a revolutionary one-piece gutter system that is guaranteed to remain clog-free thanks to the built-in gutter protection hood. Debris such as leaves and twigs wash across the hood, while water flows into the gutters and away from your home, eliminating the threat of clogs that can cause fascia rot. If, however, when we come to install your BELDON® LeafGuard gutter system, we discover that your fascia has deteriorated, we can also arrange replacing it with a premium-quality product. Then, we will affix BELDON® LeafGuard using sturdy, non-corrosive hangers that are affixed to the fascia, instead of the roofline, giving it an attractive, streamlined appearance. To learn more about BELDON® LeafGuard, contact us today.

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