Double-Hung Windows

Double Hung Window

Double-hung windows have become a popular choice for homeowners due to their complementary traditional style and unparalleled ease of operation. The vertically stacked design of double-hung windows is composed of two sashes that can be lowered from the top or raised from the bottom, which allows you to open one or both sashes simultaneously, ventilating your home in the optimal way to suit your needs.

At Beldon® Windows, our double-hung windows can provide a number of other remarkable advantages, including:

  • Aesthetic versatility – Known for their classic charm, our double-hung windows come in an array of grid patterns, sizes, and colors, so we can construct completely customized windows that will enhance any home’s existing appearance.
  • Simple maintenance – The unique design allows you to tilt the windows in and clean both sides of the panes from right inside your home, thus eliminating the inconvenience of climbing ladders to clean your windows.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency – By installing windows that have high-performance Low-E glass, composite reinforcements, and specially crafted sashes and frames equipped with internal insulating chambers, we provide you with windows that can help reduce heat transfer, thereby lowering energy loss and minimizing the amount of work your HVAC system needs to perform to keep your home comfortable. This can even mean a reduction in your home’s monthly energy bills.

Furthermore, unlike casement windows or awning windows that open outward, double-hung windows can easily be fit with screens to prevent insects and debris from entering your home while the windows are open.

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