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Bow windows are a set of three or more equal-sized windows that project outward from the wall of the home, giving a “bowed” appearance. Bow windows allow for sprawling, unobstructed views to the outside, and create a striking focal point for the room. Because the installation of a bow window arrangement creates a little nook, it offers an opportunity for homeowners to add a cozy window seat if they wish.

Traditionally, the center window of a bow window arrangement is stationary and the windows on the ends are able to be opened. When you work with BELDON® Windows, however, we can create a custom bow window arrangement that allows any of the windows to be opened or permanently fixed, depending on your preferences. Plus, the windows we install are durable, energy efficient, and attractive.

Installing bow windows is a complex job requiring special cuts in the wall and ensuring that the surrounding wall is able to withstand the weight of multiple large windows. That’s why it’s important to partner with a company like BELDON® Windows that has years of experience installing an array of window styles, including complex bow window arrangements.

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