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Sliding Window

Sliding windows offer the ideal combination of affordability, elegant beauty, and simple functionality. Sometimes called sliders or gliding windows, this style of window features two sashes that are framed side-by-side to allow one or both frames to glide horizontally across the track. This unique build affords homeowners access to fresh air with the simple push of a finger, making sliding windows the perfect option for hard-to-reach places within the home.

In addition to their simple operation, sliding windows:

  • Offer a wide, unobstructed view, as well as optimal diffusion of natural light and air ventilation, making them the perfect option for homeowners looking to bring some aspects of the outdoors into their homes
  • Require less maintenance than other window styles because the sashes can be easily removed for simple cleaning
  • Have a gorgeous, modern appearance that is sure to boost the curb appeal of any residence
  • Are a cost-effective alternative for large openings as compared to other solutions, such as side-by-side double hung windows or bow windows

Sliders from Beldon® Windows are also energy efficient, thanks to Low-E glaze-coated, high-performance glass that meets ENERGY STAR® standards.

Energy efficient, affordable, and impressive in appearance, sliding windows are a perfect solution for any homeowner looking to upgrade their residence. For more information about sliding windows, contact Beldon® Windows today.


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